Not a love story. -marcel-

Harry Edward Styles.
Well that WAS my name. Moved here to London after I was Beaten last year from the bullies. Let's just say I kinda deserved it. I was a jerk. So I moved here and changed my style.
When I moved to London people started making fun of me for the way I dressed and talked.
Well that was until I met Raina.
Raina moved here from America and she was the most popular girl in school. Cheerleader. Dates jocks. So maybe I went a little to far this time,
Last time I ever try to impress women,


7. pain

So have you heard about Nialls big surgery.

Well he's okey, thank god.

We all love you Niall


Raina's POV

I stood there looking at Harry.

He looked so finials yet different.

I needed to remember him. I knew I've seen him or at least heard of him before.

-Harry's POV-

Today was the big football (soccer) game.

Me and Niall sat down waiting for us to go out. But Niall seemed nervous.

"What's up Ni?" I asked putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Well, the doctor said I had to be careful about my knee. I don't know I'm just worried. What if I injure it out there?" Niall asked with worried eyes.

"You'll be okey Ni just watch out.."

-Nialls POV-

I really didn't want to show it but I was scared to death.

Harry helped me a lot but that didn't hide the fact that I was petrified.

We were almost loosing when the coach called me out on the field.

It's go time.

I was in possession of the ball drubbing it around everyone.

There was only 7 seconds left in the game.

6 no pressure.

5 I'm almost there.

4 don't look back.

3 for the team.

2 it's go time.

I kicked it as hard as I could before going down.

-Harry's POV-

(Sorry for switching it a lot)

I saw Niall go down and I ran, ran right after him.

I could also see Nialls mum get up to look at her son.

Also his older brother Gregg looked up too.

I finally reached Niall and he moaned out in pain.

"Harry?" He asked.

"Niall oh my god are you okey?" I panicked.

"Did- did we win?"

I smiled. "Yes."

Then the sound of the ambulance sounded and Niall fainted.


I cried.

Well I'm supposed to get a surgery like that soon on my ankle.

Well bibi guys sorry I haven't posted. Writers block.

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