The Secret Love

This is a nice story about a girl and a guy. The girl an antisocial out cast wasn't desperate to be popular or liked for that matter. The guy a popular guy everyone likes, finds that he wants to stand up for his little out cast. But will she reject all of the attention and blow her chance. Read to find out.


4. Chapter 4 (edited)

"Hi this is Alex Parker as in the teenage heartthrob Alex Parker from the band Frozen Hearts." Alex said and everyone else was in hysterics. As we watched everyone on the screen.

"Well is Mrs.Stills there with you?"

"Yeah she Is and so is my band and Nate. We decided to watch your show with Sam."

"Oh well could we talk to Sam maybe." She said and I started laughing. Alex put the phone on speaker.

"Hello this Is Sam." I said into the phone.

"Hi Sam we are here interviewing one of your fellow classmates, Salem."

"I know did you not here my brothers special friend say we have been watching. Any who, Hi"

" Ok so is what Salem said true?"

"Yeah but he got a few things wrong. I am able to bench 150, he didn't mention how I got some of my scars, it was him, Brice, Ritter, Jacob, Caleb, and Max. I then went into depression and started cutting. This was before Frozen Hearts wanted me on their album because they hadn't met me yet. It is true that I used to be friends with a lot of people but I also have changed a lot. I used to be this fashionable girl but over the summer I had done this Not Yourself Challenge it is where you listen to different music wear different clothes and you act not like yourself. I found that the new me was a better me. I had always been strong but never tried to lift weights or anything like that. When I changed myself I felt better. I felt real I guess." I told the interviewer, We had a nice convo while I was there and the band got to tell about a tour and how if it was okay with my parents I would be going with them .I know this is what I was trying to escape but now I don't see why? What was I afraid of?

A few days later

Christmas Eve

Sam's pov

"Alex you ready?" I yelled from my room. I had been ready for a while. I was wearing a cute red dress. I had natural makeup and and curls in my hair. I knew this party would have dancing and singing. Also Alex and his band would be performing and I would be there along side him.

When we got there I recognized some people from around the town. Alex and I went to go get set up. Once we got our mics on we stepped out on stage and performed. We sang for a while and eventually got to take a break Everyone was cheering. I got back to the party cause I was done for the night. I had fun and the band had asked if I could go on tour. My parents said yes. I had a month to prepare, and I wasn't going to tell anyone no matter who asked.


We were leaving for tour today.Our first stop is in Maine we were going to go from Maine to California. Tomorrow we would be in Maine and getting ready for the awesome tour to start. I have one song that only I get to sing. I cant wait. I am nervous but so are the boys. Alex is practically my big brother while I am away with him. I am currently fighting with Andy on what bunk. I wanted a top bunk and so did he.

"Alex! Come here!" I yelled.

"Hey no need to yell, we need to save our vocals remember. And what do you need."

"Oh yeah, but I want the top bunk and so does Andy. I want you to decide who gets the bunk." I replied.

"I have an Idea you guys can each get the bunk for half of the venue." Alex said rolling his eyes at me.

"Yeah that could work."Andy said. I nodded my head and climbed onto a bottom bunk.

"You can go for the first half cause I will probably be to tired to climb up there until' my body gets used to all of the performing.

"Ok, you should get some sleep."

"Yeah good night, I said with a yawn."

The next day.

"Hey guys can I do a YouTube video introducing you guys?" I asked as I was messing with a camera. The boys chorused with yeahs, sures, and okays. I smiled and set up for my  video.

"Hey lil' army, growing strong I see. Any ways I said I would eventually get around to showing you guys the band Frozen hearts." I said while standing up and finding the nearest member. "Hey this is Alex, my brothers lover. Say something Alex." I said.

"Hey I am the vocalist from Frozen Hearts.I love hanging with this crazy chick and I think her brother is the hottest man alive." He said. I then moved on to the drummer.

"Caleb, hey, tell us something about you." I stated.

"I am Caleb the drummer to Frozen Hearts, and lets see. I think you guys will love this tour." Caleb said. I walked to the other end of the bus and found the last three guys. Philip, Andy, and Joey.

"Hey guys." I said.

"Hey girrly. And hello camera, I am Andy, I play guitar, and I like to hang like normal people."

"Well that was Andy, this is Philip and Joey.

"I'm Philip and I play the bass."

"And I am Joey I do the keyboard and I also sing the second vocals."

"Well that was all of the guys and as you know I am Samantha, and I sing with the boys sometimes. I should be going goodbye." I said then turned off the camera and ran to go edit.

We had been on tour for 2 months so far and I have gotten some attention. I loved watching all of the gossip going around. Like today. We just got to Denver and the news is that I have slept with all of the band members and that I am trying to split up Alex and Nate. It is the oddest things ever heard by me and the band. I also get to do an interview with Alex today. He is actually doing a signing right now and I am waiting for him.

Buzz Buzzzz my phone goes.

'Hey kid they wanna meet you what do you say?'Alex texts me.

'Sure be there soon.' I replied and rushed to get ready. I then ran to where the signing was. I signed thing, took pictures and received things. I didn't mind but despite guys that were like 11 asking for my number I couldn't be fully happy, something was missing.

"What's wrong?Alex asked as we were walking to the interview.

"I don't know I just feel something is missing, and I have no clue what it is." I told him.

"You miss him don't you. You miss Salem." Alex said. As soon as he said Salem's name I lost it.

"How can I miss him if I don't like him he made me seem weak in front of the whole world. I cant miss some one like that can I?" I said.

"Well sweetie look at me the first time I asked your brother out, he said no in front of a huge crowed arena. Remember he rejected me five times before saying yes. and I missed him each tour day that he wasn't there."

After an hour of some guy asking us stupid questions the guy asked us a question we weren't expecting.

"So miss Sam, fans are wondering, why aren't you and Salem a thing yet?"

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