It can be any Celeb or made up character (like a crush in school lol) I don't care if it's stupid, funny, dirty. It can be anything.
Leave a description your name the persons name and stuff like that COOL LUV YA ALLLL


9. Imagine for Julia.

It was a regular day here in Britain. I was sitting on a swing when a bunch of people ran towards me. I took my purse and held it over my face as they snapped pictures of me.

Why did I have to be famous. I felt a a grab me and then yank me out of the crowd.

I tried to fight them but they were too strong.

"Who are you let me go!" My voice rang.

I felt a hand go over my face and I squirmed.

"Stop it I'm trying to help you," so it was a guy.

I stopped and slowly got up.

"H-hi I'm H-Harry," he said his eye interlocked with mine.


He was.... Beautiful.


"Oh so um, thanks for saving me," I blushed.


I smiled and he handed me his hat and sunglasses.

"Put these on and tie up your hair."

I put my hair in a bun and then placed his hat over it. Then slipped on the sunglasses.

"Wow you look good." Harry said causing me to blush harder. God help me.

He held out his arm and I grabbed it as we walked slowly.

We arrived at a diner shortly after and sat down in a booth.

A woman came up to me and smile. "What shoul I get you two?"

We both said the same thing at the same time. Then broke up in laughter.

The lady walked away and I found out me and Harry Had a lot in common.

"Um Julia... Would you like to, ya know."


"Would you like to go on a date with me?"

I smiled. "Will there be patting involved?"

He nodded fast.

"Then YEAHH!"

He laughed and we exchanged numbers.

-day of date-

Harry told me to meet up at 21 club.

I stepped out of a cab and fixed my little black dress. (Get it)

I walked in and there was Harry walking around looking for something,

"Harry what are you looking for?" I asked laughing.

"I don't know."

I giggled and the music pounded. My favorite song Gas Pedal came on. (It's a awesome song. A bit um dirty but yea)

I did the dance along with the other people and we had a blast.

Soon a slow song and everyone around me had a partner.

Harry went to the bathroom and left me sitting out at the table.

I felt two hands go over my eyes and I smiled.

"Gee I wonder who that is," I smirked.

Harry laughed and I got up.

"Come on the slow song just started,"

He pulled on my hand and soon we started to slow dance.

Soon it ended but it felt like forever.

Then Harry leaned in and placed a soft kiss on my lips.

Best day ever.

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