It can be any Celeb or made up character (like a crush in school lol) I don't care if it's stupid, funny, dirty. It can be anything.
Leave a description your name the persons name and stuff like that COOL LUV YA ALLLL


13. imagine for Jazselle.

Hey guy you may be thinking like why is she giving these girls 2 parts and not me.

Well it's rather I get tired and fall asleep. Or I have a brain fart.

Lol well here ya go. I'll try to keep these on a 1 part bases.

Rafael's POV

I sat in Regal theater waiting for Jazselle.

She was the most beautiful girl in the world.

I fixed my glasses and looked up. There she was.

Her hair was flowing as she walked.

"You look beautiful babe," I said getting up. She blushed. I loved it when she blushed. She was just to cute.

We got our movie tickets and got our seats. In the back.

The movie started and all I could think about was Jazselle. Ugh how I wanted her to be mine.

This was it i was going to ask her to be my girlfriend.

I tapped her shoulder.

"Yeah." She whispered.

"Will you um... By um my-"

"Yes I would love too."

Then I smashed my lips on hers.

Best day ever.

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