It can be any Celeb or made up character (like a crush in school lol) I don't care if it's stupid, funny, dirty. It can be anything.
Leave a description your name the persons name and stuff like that COOL LUV YA ALLLL


12. imagine for Jazselle.

I sat in class listening to the boring lesson the Ms.Newport was giving.

Ugh she's so annoying.

The door opened and everyone looked over at the most loved boy in the whole school.

His bag slung over his shoulder and flipped his hair so it was out of his eyes. My heart pounded in my chest as he walked past me winking and smirking.

I blushed and my friends Jill and Sam looked at me smiling.

I continued writing down notes when I saw something land on my desk.

It was a note.

Hey Jazselle it's Rafael

I wanted to know if you wanted to go out to the movies tomorrow

Here's my number (number)

Bye love you;)

I smiled and I couldn't wait for this date.

The bell rung and we walked out.

Sam and Jill walked up to me and we all started freaking out.

"Dude I have a date with Rafael!"

We screamed again as Rafael walked up to us.

"Sh guys he's coming act cool!"

They walked out and then Rafael came up to me and grabbed my hand holding it close.

"Can't wait for this babe." He whispered in my ear causing goose bumps to form.

And i couldn't wait for it either.

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