It can be any Celeb or made up character (like a crush in school lol) I don't care if it's stupid, funny, dirty. It can be anything.
Leave a description your name the persons name and stuff like that COOL LUV YA ALLLL


6. imagine for Ginny.

I was adding the last amount of lipstick when my doorbell rung.

He's here.

I grabbed my clutch and ran down the stairs to answer the door.

When I opened it my heart fluttered in my chest.

"Hello beautiful," Denver said and placed a simple kiss on my lips.

"Ready?"I asked holding on to his hand.

He nodded "yep, oh by the way," he pulled out a little box. "Happy birthday,"

I smiled. "Babe you didn't have to."

"No of course i did it was my baby's birthday."

I blushed and we drove away.

About 15 minutes later we arrived at a fair.

"Oh I want to go on the merry-go-round!" I exclaimed.

Denver looked like he was gonna be sick.

"What's wrong babe?"

"Nothing it's just I always get sick on those,"

I giggled. "Okey lets go,"

We ran off until we saw what we were looking for.

The Ferris wheel.

We waiting on line and when it was out turn the guy on there smiled extra big and patted Denver's back.

Oh yeah maybe that's one of his friends.

We got on and the whole ride up we talked about our last 2 and a half years together. It was relaxing.

When we got to the top the sum was just about setting. It looked beautiful.

"Oh my goodness Denver take a look-"

Tears spilled out of my eyes.


"Will you marry me?" He asked.

Under me there was the whole fair yelling say yes, or do it.

"Yes... Yes u will marry you,"

"Are you serious?" He asked.

I smiled and jumped on him laying a soft kiss on his lips as we went down.

Once we reached the bottom the whole fair was looking at us in awe.

"So what did you say Ginny?" The man from earlier asked.

"I said yes,"

The whole cows cheered and I smiled.

We were in the car driving home when Denver spoke up.

"Babe I-I have a question?"

"Yeah anything babe,"

"Well since we are getting married can, I want to have kids,"

I looked at him. "Like now?"


"Like as soon as we get home?"

"I would like that yes,"

I smiled. "Babe you know how long I have been waiting to start a family with you,"

"So I'm guessing that a yes,"

I smiled. "Of course."

Denver kicked the door open with his foot and continued to kiss me tenderly.

"Ready babe?"

I nodded and he backed up on to the couch.

I smiled and pecked his lips tearing off his shirt. Then he tore of mine starring at my chest with hunger.

Soon both out pants were off and Denver was kissing me and playing with my breasts.

"I want to do it now," he said ripping off his boxer. Then my underwear.

He lined up with me then thrusted inside of me with force.

We both moaned as he continued to thrust and squeezed my breasts.

"Ugh babe your so good at this," I moaned as he released inside to me.

He took himself out and we were both laying on each other panting and soon fell asleep.

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