Didn't Mean It -Harry Styles-

Lexie Horan beautiful girl, ugly secrets.


9. Chapter 9

       "Well, we have to put Theo to bed. He's out like a light." Denise said as she got up. "Greg, babe, can you get the bag? It's by the couch Lexie is on."
       Greg got up and grabbed it. He then bent down and hugged me. "Love you." He whispered.
       "Love you too." I replied and he pulled away.
       "Night everyone." He waved at the lads. Then, he left following Denise, who was saying her farewells.
       I looked at my phone to see it was almost eleven. "I should head off to bed, I'm pretty tired."
       "Night." They all chorused.
       We were now in Simon's New York home, after news broke out the boys were in New York, he thought it'd be safer to have us all in his private home.
       I walked into the averaged-sized guest room, leaving my jacket on the chair by the door. I walked over to the bed and laid down.
        I woke up to singing, and the shower running. I quickly realize that voice was Harry's. I sat up and looked at the clock, almost ten. I grabbed the remote control, turning on the TV and kept it low so I could hear Harry.
       I heard the shower turn off and I turned up the volume on the television. A few minutes later, he walked out with just a towel around his waist. 
       "Sorry, did I wake you?" He asked. 
        I shook my head, "No. You're fine."
       He got the towel around his neck and shook his hair in it. "Louis was using my shower for some odd reason, so I used yours."
       I nodded. "Again, it's fine."
       He walked towards the door and then turned around. "If you had a chance to love someone over again, and have everything go completely different. Would you?" He asked.
       I though about how I was going to answer, "Why? Troubles with Kendall?"
       He shrugged, "No, I was just wondering. That's all."
       "To answer your question, yes I would."
       He nodded and walked out of my room, leaving in his thoughts.
       After I showered, and got ready, I walked out to the huge dining room.
       "Mom and dad left to a movie or something like that." Niall said as I sat down at the table by Zayn and Liam.
       "Are you hungry?" Liam asked.
       I shook my head, "No, I was actually thinking about going out today."
       "Sorry Lex, you can't." Niall said.
       I looked over at him, "Why not?"
       He swallowed his spoonful of cereal. "Officer Rey called, you have to go to court at two."
       I rolled my eyes, "I'm not really in the mood for that."
       "Harry," Louis said. "What were you were you dreaming about?"
       He shrugged, "I don't know. Why?"
       Louis smiled. "Cause when I walked in this morning to use your shower, I heard you talking in your sleep." Harry's eyes widened. "Do you guys want to know what I heard?" Louis looked at us.
       "Yes!!" Niall said.
       Louis looked back at Harry. "Well, I heard him moaning a girls name, but get this, it wasn't Kendall. It was, Lexie's name." Louis pointed at me.
       "Harry, man," Zayn said. "I hope you were pretending to be a zombie or something."
       I looked down at the table, not knowing what to say. I felt eyes on me. I looked up and cleared my throat. 
       "Well, I'm going to go watch TV in my room." I said excusing myself. I got up and walked into my room. I closed the door and walked over to the bed and turned on the television. I finally decided to watch a rerun of Bates Motel.
       I got up and accidentally dropped the remote off the bed and it fell under the bed.
       I sighed and decided to go and get it. I reached under the bed and felt something metal. I looked at what I was grabbing, and saw it was attached to a trap door.
       I let go, and grabbed the remote. I got up and sat back down. There was a knock on the door.
       "Come in." I said.
       Soon after, Harry walked in. I looked up at him. "Do you need something Harry?"
       He walked in, "No, I just." He walked over to me and sat down on the bed next to me. "Louis was joking you know that right?"
       I nodded, "Knowing Louis, I'm not surprised. Hey, can you do me a favor? Can you help me move the bed just a bit?"
       He looked at me confused, "Uh, sure." He got up and pushed the bed.
       "Just a little more." I said.
       He nodded and pushed completely off the door.
       "What the hell is that?" He asked looking at the handle. 
       "I have no idea." I walked over to the handle, and was about to open it.
       "Lex," Harry grabbed my hand. "I don't think it's safe to go down their."
       I looked at him, "Danger is all I know." I took my hand away from his grip. I went back to the door handle and lifted up the small door.
        Behind the door was a stair case leading who knows where. I looked back at Harry.
       "If you're going to join me, tell me. If you want to leave, go now." I told him.
       "I'll join you."
       I stood up and walked down the stairs, Harry's footsteps behind me. I walked down and saw a bunch of pipes. 
       "Theirs nothing down here but pipes, let's just go."
        I turned and looked at him, "If theirs just pipes down here, why would they try so hard to hide it?" I kept walking."Come on."


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