Didn't Mean It -Harry Styles-

Lexie Horan beautiful girl, ugly secrets.


4. Chapter 4

Lexie's outfit for this chapter/her with Harry's flowers.
       We got into the car and Harry opened my door.
       "Thank you." I said as I climbed in. He closed the door and walked over to the driver side    .
       "Here Lex, I got you some flowers. I was going to bring them in their, but paparazzi were crazy." He handed me the flowers.
       "Thank you. They're beautiful." I smiled at him.
       "Once we get to the hotel, I'm going to pick everyone up from the airport." Niall said as we pulled out into the road.
       I nodded and started drifting off into my dark paradise.
       When I woke up, I was on a bed. Then, all the events of last night came back to me. The snow globe, the police, Niall and Harry, the police station. Seemed like a week ago, but it was only twelve hours ago.
       I got up and walked towards what I thought was the bathroom. I opened the door to find a naked Harry. I quickly closed the door.
       "Oh my gosh. Harry, I'm so sorry."
       I waited for him to say something, but got nothing. 
       After a minute, he walked out. Fully clothed now.
       "It's fine Lex. Bathrooms all free now." He smiled at me.
       I nodded and walked in, I turned and saw he was still standing by the door.
       "You know, you should learn what a lock is and use it." I joked.
       "Maybe I wanted to be walked in on. Maybe I hoped it would be you." 
       I shook my head and smiled. "You haven't changed from the last time I saw you." 
       "You know, even with those hideous scares, you're still completely breathtaking." He said with a serious voice.
       I looked up at him, "I'll keep that in mind. Now, I'm going to take a shower, with the door locked." I joked.
       He smiled, "I have a key." 
       I rolled my eyes. "Go away." 
       "Try not to think of me in there."
       "It'll be hard, but I think I can manage." I closed the door and locked it.
       After my shower and getting ready, I decided to not wear makeup because I can't pretend last night didn't happen. I walked out into the living room and noticed my mom, dad and Greg sitting there watching TV.
       "Oh honey." My mom said as she walked up to me. "We came over as soon as we heard." She let go of me and my dad took her spot.
       "Want me to kick his ass?" My dad asked.
       I laughed, "He's getting what he deserves in jail dad."
       He nodded and pulled away.
       I looked at Greg sitting on the couch looking at me.
       "Well? Are you going to hug me?"
       He got up and took me in his arms. "I'm sorry Princess." He mumbled in my neck.
       "Hey, it's not your fault." I pulled away and looked at him. "Is Denise and Theo here?"
       He nodded, "Theo's asleep, but once he's taken care of she'll bring him over."
       "Where's Niall?" I asked looking around.
       My mum shrugged, "He was gone when we arrived." 
       I nodded. "Mum, can we talk? In private?"
       "Of course." 
       Just as me and my mom were going to leave, Harry walked out and joined my dad and brother at watching sports.
       I walked into my room for God knows how long, and sat down on the bed.
       "What's wrong sweetie?" She asked as she down next to me.
       I took a deep breath, "Well..."
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