Didn't Mean It -Harry Styles-

Lexie Horan beautiful girl, ugly secrets.


3. Chapter 3

Sorry I didn't update in months! My phone broke and then I forgot my password! But, I'm back!! Enjoy! X
p.s don't laugh at my horrible editing skills!
       I finished drying the dishes when I heard Justin's phone vibrating on the table. I heard the water running, indicating he was still taking a shower.
       I knew if I answered it, he'd kill me, so I let it ring. I walked into the living room and decided to watch a movie.
       About twenty minutes into The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, I heard Justin's footsteps down the hall. He walked in and looked at me.  I couldn't tell what his emotion was, but I didn't like it.
       "I'll be back in an hour. I have to go to the studio." He walked into the kitchen and I turned my attention back to the television.
       Once he left, I made sure he backed out of the garage and I ran into my room. Grabbing the suitcases from under my bed.
       I quickly folded any piece of clothing that was mine. Any shoe, anything really. I walked over to my counter and took out my journal. I opened it to the page that I placed my plane ticket back to Ireland. I was finally leaving.
       I grabbed my suitcases and rolled them down the hall and into the living room. I turned off the movie and waited for the taxi I called a couple minutes ago.
       The front door opened.
       "Hey Lex, I forgot my-" Justin looked up from his phone. He saw the suitcases and his expression changed from serious to confused to angry all in a second.
       I felt like a deer in headlights and had nothing else to do, but prepare for the collision.
       "You were going to leave me?" He pointed at the suitcases. "After all the shit I've done for you? You're going to pack your bags and leave?"
       I said nothing. Their was nothing to say. I looked at my hands in my lap.
       He slammed the door. "You know what happens to girls who do this Lexie?" He walked over to me. I felt his grip on my hair. "Look at me when I speak to you!" 
       I looked up to see his light brown eyes were now dark as soul he had.
       He slapped me. "You do what I say! Not what Scooter or my mom says. What I say!" He yelled. His grip only getting tighter and tighter. "Get up!" 
       I stood up and didn't know what he was planning to do. He then, threw me to the ground and slapped me a few more times. I then felt something on me. He pressed it down on my face and tried to suffocate me.
       I screamed, and kicked. I was in a state of panic. I finally got him off of me by kicking him in the groin and took this as an opportunity to run out the door.
       I was about to grab the doorknob when he threw a photo frame, making it shatter once it hit the door.
       I found myself by the window, my back turned to it and I was ready for any chance of someone seeing something. Justin threw the snow globe I had on the table and I dodged it. Making the snow globe hit the window and breaking it. Making the people walking by, stop and look in shock.
       I heard my name being called, I looked out to see my brother and Harry running out of the cab and over to me.
       Niall hugged me, as though I would float away if he let me go. I didn't know what to do. Harry went over to Justin and did God knows what.
       The cops showed up after getting numerous phone calls and took Justin away. I had to go for questioning and evidence. I had photo of my bruises taken and told Officer Rey everything.
       It was now almost midnight and I just wanted to take a bath and forget every detail that happened.
       "You can go back to the house in a couple days. We're going to go collect evidence. Your brother already got everything you'll need and you'll be in his hotel until further notice. Have a good night Ms. Horan."
       I nodded, "You too, Officer Rey."
       I got up and walked out into the room. I saw Niall and Scooter sitting there.
       "Lexie." Scooter got up and walked over to me. "If I had any idea what was going on, I would of stopped it."
       "It's not your fault. Thank you for everything." I hugged him and turned to Niall.
       "Mum, dad and Greg are all on their way." He said as he looked at the bruise that was on my cheek. "Come on, Harry's waiting for us."
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