Didn't Mean It -Harry Styles-

Lexie Horan beautiful girl, ugly secrets.


2. Chapter 2

    "Lex, wake up." I heard and cuddled into the pillow more, not wanting to wake up.
    "Lexie, wake the fuck up."
    I knew that voice too well. Justin. I opened my eyes and sat up.
    "What are you doing here so early?" I looked at the clock on the nightstand. It was about to be seven.
    "Doesn't fucking matter. Get ready, we're going out with Scooter and my mom for breakfast." He sat down on the bed. "Go."
    I threw the blanket off and walked towards the bathroom. I turned the water on and stripped out of my clothes. Once the water was warm enough, I got in.
    After the shower I got dressed (above, that's Lexie) and curled my hair. I did my makeup so that it looks natural, then I walked out.
    "Lexie," I turned and saw Justin still sitting on my bed. This time his back was to the wall and the television on in front of him. "Come here." He patted the empty space next to him, my side.
    I walked over and sat down.
    He sighed, "You know I didn't mean what I said last night. I don't ever mean to hurt you Lex." 
    I picked at a thread sticking from the blanket.
    "Look at me." He ordered.
     I turned my head to look at him. His eyes cold, lips pressed in a thin line. The opposite of what I imagined.
    "I don't want to hurt you." He touched my cheek. "But, you make it so damn hard not to."
    I looked at the TV, a commercial for Christmas popping up. Thanksgiving hasn't even started yet. I can't wait for Thanksgiving, going back to Ireland with my family. Finally seeing my nephew Theo. Just get out of New York.
    "Let's go, don't want to be late." Justin said after a long time of silence 
    I put on my boots and grabbed my purse from the chair. Justin opened the door and I walked out and towards the front door.
    We arrived at Scooters apartment and pushed our way through paparazzi. His hand was around my wrist and his grip was tight. I kept my head down so they couldn't see me flinch.
    "Let them through!" I knew that Kenny now joined us. "Get out of the way!" He screamed as he helped us into the lobby.
    "Scooters waiting. Let's go." He said as the elevator dinged open.
    Scooters apartment was huge, very spacey. I saw Pattie sitting down on the couch, as she laughed at something Scooter said.
    "Ah, Justin, Lexie. Good morning." Scooter got up and smiled at us. "Lexie, make yourself at home. Justin, meeting in my office. Now."
    Justin nodded and I sat down by Pattie as Justin and Scooter walked off towards his office.
    "How are you sweetie?" Pattie smiled at me. "Long time no see. Justin keeping you locked up from me?" She joked.
    I smiled, "I'm fine and no. I've been busy with school."
    "Oh, how's college treating you?" She asked.
    I shrugged, "It's fine. I've been really focused on getting my degree in cosmetology."
    "Hopefully you can practice on me soon. Are you in your second year?"
    I nodded and reached for a water bottle on the table.
    "What's that bruise on your wrist?" She asked.
    I looked down and saw that a bruise was forming on the wrist Justin was gripping on not too long ago.
    "I have no idea." I lied. "Must of bumped into something."
    She nodded, not wanting to ask more.
    After almost an hour of pointless conversation with Pattie, Justin walked out. He didn't look happy. I closed my eyes, knowing what was to come the minute we opened the door to my flat.
    "We'll be going now." Justin said. Those words were like a warning. "Come on Lexie."
    I hugged Pattie and got up, walking over to him.
    "Visit soon!" Pattie smiled.
    The car ride was agonizing, and too short in my opinion. I didn't want it to end. None of us saying a word.
    He turned off the car and sat there.
    "Get inside. Now." His voice demanding and angry.
    I got out as fast as I could and walked towards the door, taking out the key from my purse in the process.
    I got in and Justin wasn't too far behind me.
    "You fucking told them didn't you?" He slammed the door, making me flinch.
    "Told them what? Who did I tell?" I had no idea was he was talking about.
    "Scooter. You told him that I hit you? Is that what you did after I left?" His eyes narrowing.
    I shook my head, "No, Justin. I didn't tell anyone."
    He walked towards me, "Fucking bullshit!" He screamed. "You're lucky I don't beat you until you're almost fucking dead."
    I looked down at the floor. Waiting for him to say or do something.
    He pushed me and I fell, my back hitting the couch. I let out a scream. He picked up his fist and hit me straight in the eye, making me cry out in pain.
    "You asked for it shut up!"
    He gripped onto my hair and dragged me towards the bedroom. My hands trying to get him to at least loosen up his grip.
    He kicked the door open and threw me onto the bed. He climbed up, so that his knees were on both sides of my waist.
    Next thing I know I felt something over my head. I picked my hands up, trying to get him off of me. I kicked my feet in the air but, he was stronger than me. I felt the pillow over my face and tried taking it off.
    The more I cried out, the harder it was for me to breathe. Next thing I know, everything went black..
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Again, I have NOTHING against Justin! Just for story purposes!
If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, get help. Remember, bruises aren't cute. Stay strong and you're not alone.


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