Pretty Baby

Harry Styles, a 23 year old law graduate isn't one for distractions. He is offered to assist for a very important lawyer; Mr. McConnell. Everything goes fine until he meets Stacie, McConnell's only child, a 17 year old girl.


1. The Characters

Meet the Characters:

(will add more characters later on)

Stacie McConnell | 17-years-old 

Harry Styles (Mr.Styles) | 23-years-old 

Bianca Yates | 17-years-old

Nicole Hathaway| 17-years-old

Jamie Preston | 17-years-old

Camilla Forester | 21-years-old

Kris Manskey | 17-years-old

These are the characters for the first few chapters - besides the parents! So excited for this I have sooo much planned :) If this seems somewhat interesting to you, please fave or like and i'll the first chapter out asap! 

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