Pretty Baby

Harry Styles, a 23 year old law graduate isn't one for distractions. He is offered to assist for a very important lawyer; Mr. McConnell. Everything goes fine until he meets Stacie, McConnell's only child, a 17 year old girl.


3. Chapter Two


It was the last Saturday of summer, so I had planned a Girls Night In at my house. It was mostly Bianca’s idea though. It basically consisted of gossiping, watching chick flicks, and having a calorie fest. This was the closest thing to a party that I’d be allowed to have – even though there were no boys, booze, or obnoxiously loud music.


“Traci just texted me,” Nicole informed us, as we all pigged out on salsa and tortilla chips. “There’s a Valmont High party going on tonight, and most of our grad class crashed it.”


This was technically a big deal, since Valmont and Ridgeon High were school ‘enemies’.  We were in constant competition for everything – football, basketball, academics, and even parties that were held. Even though our school usually beat them in most things, Valmont threw the craziest and best parties.


To know that our grad class had crashed the one thing Valmont held so much pride over – it only meant war. I wasn’t into the whole school rivalry, but I found it very entertaining. There are people like Traci, who start the drama, and then the ones who sit back and watch with a bowl of popcorn.


“Traci is probably exaggerating like she does best.” Jamie stated, with a roll of her eyes. “I bet she just walked in and no one recognized her.”


“She isn’t, there’s a bunch of angry Valmont tweets and Facebook posts already!” Nicole said, without looking up from her phone. Nicole lived on gossip – she knew everyone and was popular enough to get the gossip on anything. Her looks reminded me of a beach girl – dirty blonde hair, bright green eyes, and tan skin.


Bianca laughed out loud and Jamie shot her a look before continuing. “I don’t understand the logic here. How is crashing a party going to help with anything? It’s immature.”


“Maybe,” Bianca shrugged, grabbing a chip. “But a little rivalry never hurt anyone! It’ll bring our grad class together more.”


“Yeah… so we can all act like five year olds.” Jamie muttered under her breath. Jamie Preston was sarcastic and analytical, and she was definitely the most mature in our group. Maybe even in our whole school too. Anyways, even though she was smart beyond her years she was the best person to have around. Jamie was a classic beauty – she had a round face, large brown eyes and porcelain skin.


“Who cares about Valmont?” I said as I picked my orange nail polish. “I say one of us throws a huge party to not only forget about Valmont, but bring us all together.”


“That’s actually a really good idea, Stace!” Bianca commented, clapping her hands together. Nicole and Jamie nodded in agreement. “We should do it at your house! I can help you set up and find a DJ…”


“I can get the word around!” Nicole interrupted, raising her head. “That’s if you want the whole school to come, of course.”


“I can get someone to supply the booze, obviously.” Jamie grinned, and the three of them continued their chatter. Chatter about my party, a party that was never going to happen!  I sat there, dumbfounded, wondering if there was any chance that I could actually have a party. My parents would never let me if they were in the house.


But my parents always had to leave for business. What if they left? Did I actually want to have a party, a party that I would have to be 100% responsible for? I imagined beer pong, red solo cups all over the house, couples hooking up in my bathroom, drunk people past out on my couch….


“No way,” I blurted out. Bianca, Nicole and Jamie finally stopped talking to look my way. “There’s no way I’m going to be responsible for a party! I haven’t even been to more than two!”


“That’s because Ridgeon parties are so lame,” Jamie reasoned, and Nicole nodded her head.


“Yeah, you could be the first person in our senior class to throw a great party!” Nicole added.


“Yeah, but doesn’t mean I’m going to host the party! My parents would never allow it anyways, especially my dad.” I stated. I stood up, walking towards to door. “I’ll be right back.”


“Where are you going?” Bianca asked, worryingly.


I turned around briefly, “I’m getting more chips and salsa for the chips.”


I walked out of the room with a roll of my eyes. I wasn’t going to have a party just to improve my social status in school – I could care less about that. Well, obviously I did a little, I was a teenage girl after all… but I did not want to be known as the girl who throws parties.


I was too busy thinking about a possible party that I didn’t even see Harry until he was six inches away from me. He was leaning against the kitchen island, arms folded against his broad chest. He was wearing a navy blue t-shirt, black jeans, and a grey beanie over his hair. Harry had good style - for a stuck-up know-it-all lawyer.


“Hello, Stacie.” He greeted me in a low raspy voice.


I wasn’t all surprised to see him here this late. My dad and Harry worked all day and sometimes even all night for the past few weeks, so Harry stayed for dinner most days. After dinners I usually didn’t see him because he was in my dad’s office, so we never really talk. It’s usually just polite greetings and good nights.



“Hey,” I said, walking over to the cabinets. “Sorry for almost running into you.”


It was hard trying not to think about when Harry’s hands were holding my face, or when his lips brushed against my ear. I don’t even like Harry or anything but I could feel butterflies in my stomach when it happened. It was a feeling so foreign to me. It was probably from shock or surprise.


“It’s fine. In a hurry?” He asked and I shook my head. I found the salsa immediately and pulled it out, placing it on the counter. I grabbed a small bowl and scooped a generous amount of salsa into it. I also grabbed some plain Tortilla Chips and placed them around the salsa.


“So, you’re in senior year, yeah?” Harry asked suddenly. He was now facing me, leaning against the counter. I nodded. “What are your plans after college?”


“I have no idea, honestly.” I say, dipping a chip into the salsa and eating it. I should have felt more at ease with Harry’s question, but I didn’t. My parents knew exactly what they wanted to do after college – I still didn’t have a clue. “I just feel like I’m not interested in most of the courses colleges offer. I want to do something I want to do but still have a good pay with–“


I stopped talking. I was watching Harry’s eyes the whole time, and they were gazing down at my lips the whole time. He was starting at my lips with a smirk on his face. Holy shit.. I didn’t feel my face heating up, which was good, but it was more my entire body. What was Harry doing?


Did he…want to kiss me?


I blinked a few times to make sure I was seeing things right.  Harry was still looking at my lips. I decided to look down at his lips, too. They were heart-shaped, and looked inviting and warm. Wait, what? His eyes finally met mine in a taunting way, amusement clearly on his face.


“Stacie, are you okay?” He asked, in a slow mocking voice. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. I’m pretty sure I should be asking him that.


“Uh, yeah. Why?” I asked, still in my own thoughts.


“You have salsa all over your mouth.”


I stared at him, flabbergasted, for a long moment. He was laughing out loud now. When I finally seemed to understand what he said, my hand flew up to my mouth in embarrassment. I looked down and there were salsa chunks on my hand. With a beet red face, I grabbed the decorated bowl with the napkins.


He was looking at my lips because I had salsa all over them… not because he wanted to kiss me.


I’m so incredibly stupid.


With a beet red face, I grabbed the decorated bowl with the napkins.          


“You’re so innocent, Stacie.” Harry said with a low, raspy chuckle. I was wiping my mouth with a napkin, but my stomach was swarming with nerves. “Aren’t you?”


“W-What?” I replied lamely. I stood up straighter when he started laughing again. Why was he always laughing at me? “I’m not innocent, asshole.”


His laughter stopped and he had an almost serious expression now. “And you’ve got a pretty little mouth, too.”


Harry finally stopped staring at me, and looked at something behind me. I turned around and saw Bianca coming down from the stairs. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding.  Just great. “I’ll talk to you later, Harry. Goodnight!”


I didn’t wait for his reply because I basically ran towards the door. I definitely didn’t want Bianca to meet Harry and embarrass me even more tonight. Who knows what she’ll say to him? Just as I walked through the door, I run straight into Bianca.


Ow!” Bianca yelped, placing a hand on her forehead. I let out a moan and held my own throbbing forehead. “Watch where you’re going, Stace!”


“She’s not very good with that, is she?” Harry’s voice said behind me, sending goose bumps down my back. I let out an annoyed groan.


Bianca raised an eyebrow, and shamelessly checked out Harry. I didn’t even want to see Harry’s expression. I crossed my arms over my chest and stood awkwardly. “And who might you be?”


“This is Mr. Styles, he’s my father’s new assistant,” I replied, my voice low and quiet. I was looking at Bianca to say something blunt and embarrassing – but she made no move to speak. She didn’t even look my way… she was just staring at Harry. The way only Bianca stares at someone she wants.


“I’m Bianca Yates…Stacie’s best friend,” Bianca grinned, holding her arm out for Harry shake. They shook hands as I awkwardly stood in between them. I just wanted to get this over with.


“Nice to meet you, Bianca.” Harry said with a friendly tone. Bianca was playing with her necklace, and was biting her lip. She was in a daze. This is so wrong. “Are you a senior as well?”


Bianca seemed surprised to hear him talk, but quickly replied. “Yeah, we go to Ridgeon together. I’m really excited to get this year over with, though. I hate high school.”


“Yeah we’ve all been there,” Harry said with a low chuckle. I glanced at the clock. 12 am. “High school is full of immaturity, as long as you maintain good grades then you’ll be set. It’s smart of you to distant yourself from all the distractions, Bianca.”


Bianca blushed, “How old are you then Mr. Styles?”


“Well, look at the time!” I said, snatching Bianca’s hand and pulling her beside me. Bianca’s smile turned into a frown. “It’s midnight already! I think it’s time to head upstairs...”


“Oh, okay can I just…” Bianca said quickly, standing her ground. I started dragging her by the arm and she fell off balance. I would drag her all the way up if I had too. “Stacie! Let go!”


I ignored her and tried to drag her unwilling body up the stairs. I would continue to hold onto her wrist until we got upstairs, just maybe a little looser. Bianca cursed me silently but kept a smile towards Harry on our way up. I didn’t trust Bianca, not one bit.


Harry was clearly amused, leaning against the doorway. “Goodnight, ladies.”






Ahhh!!! Thank you so much for the positive feedback, I wasn't expecting anything to be honest! Hope you liked this chapter.. :)

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