Pretty Baby

Harry Styles, a 23 year old law graduate isn't one for distractions. He is offered to assist for a very important lawyer; Mr. McConnell. Everything goes fine until he meets Stacie, McConnell's only child, a 17 year old girl.


2. Chapter One


“How does this look?”


“Wow, I love the dress.” I said as soon as my mom stepped out of her closet in a new designer dress. The dress hugged her curvy figure perfectly and her short brown hair looked great against the dark lavender color. Of course she looked amazing – she was a fashion expert after all.


This was all for my father – who would be returning home from a work trip that lasted two and a half weeks. My father is a lawyer and my mother is a well-known designer, so they were always busy and preoccupied in their work. I never really minded though, I had plenty going on with my life as a teenager.


My mother reapplied her lipstick in the mirror two more times, and kept fiddling with her hair. I laughed at the fact that she was nervous even after being with my dad for over twenty years. My mom noticed my laughter and I swear I saw her blush. “Stacie, go get ready, your father will be here in less than twenty minutes.”


“Okay, okay.” I hopped off the bed and closed my mother’s door behind me. I felt like jumping up and down – I missed my dad a lot and I couldn't wait to see him. My dad was known to be a very intimidating lawyer and he could be very ruthless, except around my mom and me. He was so warm and loving towards us but he still held his authority. You could definitely say that I’m a daddy’s girl, even at seventeen years old.


A few minutes later I was looking at myself in the mirror, ready to head down to dinner. My makeup was done simply except for my bold red lip, and I was wearing a mini black dress that I bought yesterday with my best friend Bianca. It was a little tight on the top since I had a larger bust but I figured it didn't really matter. I left my room and ran down the stairs, approaching my mother who was on the phone


“Was that dad?” I asked, as my mother ended the call.


“Yes,” My mother smiled happily. “He’ll be here in five minutes. He also told me he is bringing his new assistant to the house and the young man will be staying here.”


I raised my eyebrows in surprise. My dad was so busy all the time that my mother mentioned getting him an assistant to help with his cases but he dismissed the idea completely. My mother used to say it was because he was such a perfectionist and also because he was so threatening – there was no room for error in his work. I guess my father had a change of heart and it was good to see him take off some responsibility.


My mother and I made small chat for a few minutes before we heard the door opening. Before I could stand up, my dad walked in with a huge grin on his face. I ran to give him a hug and he spun me around twice before he put me down. “Dad! I missed you so much.”


“I missed you more, Stacie.” My dad kissed my forehead, and I felt my mother join in for a group hug. My parents shared a kiss and I smiled at them in adoration. We stayed like that for a good few seconds before a bag dropped to the floor.


My dad cleared his throat. "Elizabeth, Stacie, I have somebody I’d like you all to meet. This is the bright young man who will be assisting me with my cases, Mr. Styles."


 I knew I should at least acknowledge the man but I stayed embraced in my dad's hug. 


"Hello, I'm Elizabeth! Welcome to our home." I heard my mother say behind me. I turned my head around and saw my mother and Mr. Styles shaking hands.


"Nice to meet you," He had a husky and smooth voice, and he stood with authority just like my Dad. I stared into the man's eyes, slightly taken back. Mr. Styles didn't even look a day over 21, literally. He had wind-swept brown hair and deep, green eyes that were so intimidating that I felt like looking away.


He's sort of good-looking, I thought to myself.


“This is my little girl, Stacie.” My dad said, wrapping an arm around me and snapping me out of my thoughts. I crossed my arms in mortification.


"Dad, I'm not a little girl!" I whined, and both my Dad and Mr. Styles shared a laugh. "Hey, Mr. Styles.”


Mr. Styles looked directly at me and flashed me a grin, holding his arm to shake. "Hello there, Stacie. Call me Harry."


"Alright," I flashed him a toothy smile, shaking his hand. His hands were cold, and I could smell his musky, masculine cologne. He was much taller than me so I looked up, and saw him gazing almost thoughtfully at me. I felt my cheeks heat up for no reason.


“Shall we head to dinner?” My mother proposed, and we all nodded and followed her to the dining room.


- - - - -


The dinner went smoothly – my dad and Harry were talking business most of the time, but my mother sneaked in a few questions about how the two met. My dad was apparently at Stanford talking to one of the faculty members, and asked the man to phone up a few of his brightest students to assist him in his work. After interviewing each one of the candidates, my dad had obviously picked Harry.


I had watched as Harry went through different folders and discussed whatever lawyer’s talk about with their cases. My dad spoke here and there but he was mostly sitting back and listening. I knew Harry had to be super smart to work with my Dad – I could already see it with the way he spoke with command and assertiveness.  


I excused myself from dinner ten minutes ago, and stayed lying on my bed talking to Bianca. Summer was coming to a quick close and our senior year would be starting in two weeks. This was the year Bianca and I had been waiting for our whole lives. We would finally be the seniors of Ridgeon High – which meant more responsibilities, more parties and best of all more freedom!


“I need to transfer schools, Stace.” Bianca sighed over the phone. “If I do, you would totally have to come with me. Deal?”


“No deal.” I laughed, but stopped short when Bianca gasped through the phone. “Why would you want to transfer schools? Ridgeon is the best it gets. Plus you’re so popular there that the student body would have a heart attack if you left.”


It’s true; my best friend Bianca Yates is super popular at Ridgeon in more ways than one. She’s drop dead gorgeous (I’m talking Victoria’s Secret model gorgeous), she’s fashionable, smart, and the funniest girl around. She’s like the Regina George of Ridgeon minus all the bitchiness.


“Are you serious? You’re way more popular than me, Stacie!” I snorted because she was so wrong. I was in no ways as influential at Ridgeon as my best friend, but I didn’t mind at all. “The question is why not! Don’t you want a fresh start?”


Even though Bianca thought she was fooling me, I knew why she wanted to switch schools. She wanted to avoid her ex-boyfriend. Marcus Clayton was Bianca’s long-time on and off ex-boyfriend. The two were polar opposites – Bianca is the golden girl and Marcus is the boy you’d be afraid to bring home to your parents. They used to break up almost every month last year and she’d come crying to me every single time. 


I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly relived when Bianca stormed into my house in July, tears streaming down her cheeks, and told me they broke up for good. I wouldn’t have believed her but they haven’t spoken to each other in a month.


Marcus wasn’t good for her at all, she could have any guy she wanted but she picked the one who treated her like crap and controlled her. Honestly, that was the kind of guy most of our friends went for. I never understood it. How could Bianca want to be with someone like that?


I understood she was still grieving so I decided to keep the conversation light. There was so much going on to be worried about silly relationships! We talked about grad pranks, parties, and Homecoming…all the things we would be looking forward to.


There was a knock on my door, and expecting it to be mom or dad I called for them to come in. I was surprised when I saw it was Harry, who was looking around my room curiously. I told Bianca I would call her later and quickly hung up.


 “Hey,” I felt nervous with Harry looking in my room. He was still looking around, except he was now looking at my bulletin board that had all my pictures. Harry's eyes finally settled on mine, and he held out a picture.


“Is this you?”


Oh god.


The picture Harry held in his hand was the day Bianca threw her first party, which was junior year. It was also the first time I got completely wasted. Somehow I ended up wearing Bianca’s underwear as a hat long enough for someone to snap a picture.


Bianca got a hold of it and sent me the picture to put it up on my bulletin board, but I told her I wouldn’t put it up. She argued and told me it was a memory, and that I would laugh about it in the future. I agreed that it was and put it on the bulletin board, but I hid it behind another picture. So the question is: how did Harry even find it?  


Instead of laughing at me or even smiling, Harry had an almost disgusted expression on his face. Sure I looked like a total idiot but it was just underwear on my head, it wasn't like I was offending anyone. I ran up to him and tried to snatch the picture, but he moved his hand above his head.


“Does your dad know about this?” He asked, with a taunting smirk on his face. I froze. “I don’t think little girls should be partying like this. . .”


“I’m not a little girl!” I replied in annoyance. I boldly pushed against his hard chest, even though it did nothing. “I’m seventeen. Now give me my picture!”


“Seventeen is young, sweetheart.” Harry chuckled lowly, placing the picture on my desk. “Way too young to understand anything.”


“Excuse me? How old are you then?” I grumbled, snatching the picture from the desk.


“Twenty-three,” So he wasn't twenty, but he still looked so young.


“God, you act like my dad’s age.” I rolled my eyes and pushed past him, walking over to garbage. I definitely did not want to see this picture ever again. Or Harry Styles. I thought he was nice but he was just another stuck up lawyer. Just like the men my Dad invited to the house for work parties.


“It’s this thing called maturity, Stacie.” I turned around and stuck my tongue out at him. Okay, so not the most mature thing to do but who even cares? I wasn’t going to pretend anymore.


If he wanted immature, he was getting it.


Harry had continued rudely wandering around my room, so I took the opportunity to reach into my underwear drawer. The first one I got was my favorite red one made of lace that I bought a few weeks ago. Perfect. I stuffed the underwear in my back pocket and walked over to Harry, who was sitting on my bed.


“Shouldn’t you be in bed, Stacie? It’s midnight.” Harry asked, amusement vanishing as he checked his watch. Who still wore watches? I put on a fake smile.


“Sort of hard when you’re sitting on my bed, Mr. Styles.” I said with new confidence, gripping my underwear with one hand. I was close enough to place my underwear on his head, and hopefully take a picture. I couldn’t wait to wipe that smug look on his face!


“Fair enough,” Harry sat up from my bed, towering over me. The next thing I knew his large hand was holding on to my face, his lips brushing right by my ear. “Nice underwear by the way,” He whispered huskily. He grabbed my arm that was gripping the underwear, holding it in front of us. I let out a shaky breath and opened my mouth to reply, before his touch was gone completely.


And when I turned my head, he was gone.



:::first chapter! please tell me if you want more :)






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