Escaping Reality

this is my first movella,so please no hate,oh and comment for ideas .3.
Young Sara has always dreamed of escaping her abusive father,he beats her whenever he gets a chance to,Sara escapes but runs into the one and only Harry Styles in the process,will she fall for him or get found by her father,read to find out.
sorry if its suckish


1. My hell of a life

Hi,my names Sara,im 17,I have mediumish red hair that goes a little past my shoulders,I have what my mom used to describe as icy blue eyes,amd im abused and bullied.

My mom died driving me home from martial arts classes,when a car wrecked into us,my mom died but  I lived,I wish I was the one who died though.My dad became a drunken bastard after my mom died,hell,he already was a drunken bastard before she died."SARA,GET YOUR SLUTTY ASS DOWN HERE AND GET ME MORE FUCKING BEER",I sighed as I ran down stairs and grabbed him a beer and handed it to him.I was suprised as my cheek started stinging from his slap."next time whore be faster,after the game you have to be punished",I got scared as a evil smirk formed on his lips.I ran up into my room hoping he doesn't take it to far this time.I heard his footsteps coming up the stairs shortly after the game ended.The door flew open and I was scared as hell.He stomped over to me and threw me to the floor by my hair.He slapped,punched,and kicked me intill I was numb.He smirked looking at my bloody and beaten body,clearly proud of what he has done.He walked out of the room and I heard him doing whatever downstars.I then decided,im going to run away,run away from this hell caused by my father.


I hope you like the story so far,cause i dont ^_^

comment if you have any ideays <3

I hope you like it so far oh and sorry its so short

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