Your mine, only mine

Hey this is my very 1st real fan fiction so read it and hope you love it and it includes harry styles :)


2. Moving out

4 days later

I hear my loud alarm wake me up at 5:00am. Today is the day I finally experience how the outside of the real world is. I am not just little Emily today I am an adult I am on my own. I get out of my bed shaking I am so nervous . Today I want my outfit to be casual and not attention seeking. I choose some blue skinny jeans my red New Toms I have recently got a black basic cardigan and flowery top. I get to the bathroom quietly and use the toilet I take a shower and use my time. After I am gone I comb and dry my hair and curl it. I put ny clothes and shoes on put a little mascara on and done. I head downstairs to eat. 

"Good morning baby!!" My mom yells tearing up 

"Hi mom " I say warmly

All of my family stand there in front of me with my bags. I will truly miss them alot. No more hugs from mom no more fighting with my siblings no more boy drama and no more dad advice. I start to tear up and hug them tightly. I eat a light breakfast and me and my family to my house. As we get there we head there to help me settle in. 1 hour later all of the crying has passed and hugging too.

"Bye mom I will always love you I will always think of you and I will visit during the breaks." I so

"Bye dad I will miss you I will miss the advice you give me I will always love you even though we go through drama sometimes." I start to say

I watch them leave as I go back inside to style in.

1 month later

Ahh this house  is great I meet new people althis month I get to see my family soon. My new best friend Bree is the best. I hope this year is great. Today I wake up and check what time it is Today was a Saturday so I have nothing to do. I decide to go somewhere by my self to relax. I use the restroom and shower. I wear a white long sleeve a beige scarf a brown jacket black jeans and brown combat boots. Today was chilly so I dressed warm. In London it's always cold.I grab my purse and head down town with my car. I see a nearby coffee shop and decide to go there for breakfast.

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