Your mine, only mine

Hey this is my very 1st real fan fiction so read it and hope you love it and it includes harry styles :)


3. Meeting

As I get off the car I se a bunch of screaming girls outside hey must be a famous singer. There are many singers that were from London like um Cher Lloyd One Direction Little mix so it can be any. I know it can't be one of the one direction lads they are doing a concert in LA today. I squirm through the crowd and one big buff guy shouted "Hey stay back let him walk in " I suppose it's another famous singer or actress. I find a little passage for the door and walk in. I see there inside shockingly Harry styles. I know i am too old for the fangirling thing but I wasn't over them! Harry was my long time crush ever since 2010. He might be busy and I don't want go bother him.I walk up to the counter and say

"Hi can I get a bluberry muffin and some tea please" I ask the cashier. 

"Sure that would be 10.25$ " she answers I pay her and sit at a table and wait for my order. I see Harry walk towards me I get nervous like why is heading here am I too ugly that he noticed that it's too bothering.

"Umm sorry to bother you but you forgot your credit card" he says quietly and shyly with a smirk

"Oh my gosh thanks!!" I gasp and stutter

"No prob term do you mind if I sit here with you?" He asks shyly

"S-sure" I stutter

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