Your mine, only mine

Hey this is my very 1st real fan fiction so read it and hope you love it and it includes harry styles :)


6. Me time

It has been 3 months since me and Harry have been good friends it's gonna be my birthday in 1 day I don't know what I should do I call up harry so we can do something he always says he is busy strange. Wait let me slow down a bit. Let me tell you what happened over these 3 months.

1st month- met his bandmates

2nd month- we traveled to new york

3rd month- talked some more

Yeah kinda crazy huh? Any ways today I want to forget about harry for a minute and wake up. I use the restroom and shower when I am done I wear a simple denim jacket a white tank top black jeggings and converse what evs. I ate and watched tv all day I was bored I just remembered that my mom sent me 200 bucks for my early birthday present might as well use them today. I go to the mall and find many clothes. But when I walk in I see Louis Niall and Harry there at the jewelry store. How weird. I walk up near them and then Niall whispers to harry. And Harry just hides in a clothes rack. I come up to him and say.

"Hey I thought you  were busy?" I ask

"Umm i am umm just buying some jewelry" he says stuttering

"Whatever bye Niall bye Louis" I say

I go to the next store and pick out a out for and shoes I don't want to look terrifying on my birthday. I pick out a silky blue long sleeve dress with a brown belt and some beige flats. I only have 120 bucks left so I decide to buy food at the food court. When I am done I drive home and hang my outfit for tomorrow. I get a text from harry saying he is sorry I say whatever .I really truly like harry and I don't want to be so obsessive. I shower and fall down two sleep but then again I don't dream.


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