Your mine, only mine

Hey this is my very 1st real fan fiction so read it and hope you love it and it includes harry styles :)


7. Birthday wishes

It's has been 3 months me and harry have been good friends. My birthday is in 1 day I turns 20 wow. Wish let me tell you what happened over these 3 months.

1st month-met his bandmates

2nd month- traveling

3rd month- more bonding

Well tomorrow is my birthday and. I am super excited I want it to happen now. I just remember my family sent me 200 dollars for my birthday wow. It's night time already and I fell asleep quickly I just can't wait any longer.

1 day later

ITS MY BIRTHDAY TODAY I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! Today harry said he was gonna take me somewhere and he said he wants me ready at 3 dang it's 1 o clock. I get up do my bed lay out my outfit and shower. I dry my hair curl it do my make up slip on my red dress put on my black bow belt and my red toms and its 2:54pm harry texts me saying to wait outside. 

"Hey you look beautiful "he says with a wink and hug

"Thank you you cute handsome your self eh"I shot back

He walks me to his car and ties a cloth to my eye. I giggle and yet we are already there. He walks me to the door and he unwrapps the cloth. The light switch turns on I see Eleanor and Louis I see Perrie and zayn I see niall and I see liam and sophia. They all sing me happy birthday and I highly ALL of them. After we all talk and bond I had a great time. When it was time yo open my presents. I first opened Louis and Eleanors present. They gave me a footsie pajama and a CD of one direction take me home I wanted that cd so badly.I open Nialls gift and its a bracelet that says emily on it. I hug him tight he is very cute but then again I like harry. I open Liam and Sophias gift it's a super man beanie and a one direction picture frame. Now it's time to open zayn and perrries gift. They gave me a iphone case and a art set with colors and pastels. Last but least I open harrys gift. It's a small box and it is a red ruby ring and necklace and a bouquet of flowers and a Lady Gaga CD aww he got me artpop CD. I hug him tightly and long. I thank them all and when the party is over me and Harry stay behind.

"Thank you for this party "I say while hugging him

"Your welcome love "he says back

When we are done cleaning we sit in the back yard and look into the stars. We look into each other's eyes and he reaches for my face and brushes his lips delicately onto mine. I kiss back and lay down on top of him. This was the perfect moment. 

"Emily I need to tell you something "he says whispering

"What is it"I ask

"You are the most beautiful girl I have ever met wAnt to go out with me?"He shot back

"Yes I do "I say while kissing him on the cheek and lips. This is the most perfect moment ever.

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