Niall's Child

�� Nicole and Niall broke up with each other two years ago... But as soon as they broke up, Nicole found out that she was pregnant with a child. Niall Horan's child. If Niall finds Nicole with a young boy that looks exactly like him, how would he react?


3. It Can't Be True...

Niall's P.O.V. 

That couldn't be true. Of course Nikki and I broke up with each other years ago, but before we broke up, we did love each other a lot. 

I stared at the boy. He did look like me though. 

I said, "That can't be true though...."

Nikki said, "Well it is true, Niall... He's your child. And he's been looking for his father for years now." 

I said, "But why didn't you contact me? Why didn't you tell me before we broke up?" 

Nikki rolled her eyes. 

"I got pregnant about two weeks before we broke up according to the doctors. I didn't know I was pregnant until two weeks later after we broke up." 

I said, "Why didn't you tell me after? You could have... You still had my number...." 

Nikki crossed her arms.. 

"I was still mad at you for dumping me. And I didn't want to make my child's childhood worse by having a father who was a celebrity." 

I looked at her sadly. It was as if she didn't want me anymore. 

"So you don't want me?" 

Nikki said, sighing, 

"That was before I realized how much a kid needed a father. And it's too much work to raise a child alone." 

I asked, "What's his name?" 

Nikki said, staring at me, 

"It's Theodore Niall Horan." 

I smiled. It was obvious she still loved me. 

"Did you decide to make his last name what it really was at the end?" 

Nikki nodded. 

"I thought it would be better for Theo.... I knew you would come back." 

She found Theo by the lake and picked him up. Giving Theo to me, she said, 

"Theo, meet Daddy." 

Theo hugged me. 

He said, "Are you really Daddy?" 

I nodded. I'll have to get used to being called Daddy. 

"Yup, Theo. Wanna play with me?"

Theo nodded happily. He looked so happy. 

Louis said, "He is so adorable, Niall..." 

Harry nodded. 

I said, "Well, he's my child, so I'm going to take care of him." 

Theo and I chased the birds, ate ice cream and we played with a ball. It was very fun. 

When it was getting dark, Nikki said, 

"It's dinner time now, Niall. We have to go." 

I said, kissing her on the cheek, 

"You can have dinner with us... It's alright." 

Nikki shook her head. 

"Nah, we're fine." 

I said, "Bye then... We have to meet again... For Theo." 

She smiled. 

"We'll have to meet often." 

Then, Nikki got Theo and left the park. I waved to Theo as he walked away. 

Liam said, when they were out of sight, 

"Niall, your child is the cutest boy I've ever seen." 

I said, "It's because he looks like me." 

Everyone burst into laughter. 

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