Love me love me not?

This movella right here is about a girl named Bella Hunt. Bella has beautiful brown wavy hair, chocolate brown eyes, and tan skin. Everyone thinks that she is perfect but she is not, she had lost the one and only best friend she had and she had feelings for him: Niall horan the popstar. When he comes back and see's Bella what will happen and when Niall has feelings for her too what will happen in this roller coaster will they be together or will they remain best friends forever.
I really hope you like it. It is my frist movella and I will try to update everyday. My name is Mansi and I too have wavy brown hair chocolate brown eyes, and tan skin. I will try to keep the chapters long as possible. to all my little carrot friends :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) ;) :) :) :) ;)


1. Start High School


Bella Pov


"It's dinner Bella" Mom yelled in a nice way "I will be there in about 2 seconds okay Mom" I told her "Okay" Then I quickly got changed in to a pair  of PG's that has zebras on it. I      ran downstairs and when I walk in I saw my  Mom and Dad sitting at the table I greeted them with a warm smile "Hi Mom and hi Dad" "Hi hun me and your Dad want to discus something" Then she gave an look at my dad which said 'tell her now' which made me laugh. "Ok Bella mom is trying to say that you will be going to high school tomorrow and you might, might met your best friend Niall"When my Dad said Niall my smile grew larger and smaller. Niall was my best friend since Jk to Grade 7 and then he moved somewhere and I never saw him again. Which broke my heart because I loved him yes I did love my best friend. "And so dad what are you trying to say"I asked with one of my eyebrows up. I also moved to dennylive (I made that up) "I am saying too say that make some friends that are girls" "I knew it dad don't worry I will make friends that are girls and friends that are boys too okay" "Okay love, you and you have to wake up at 5:30 got it" " Yes dad, love you mom and love you dad good night" I sang to them. "Good night" they both said. Hi as you know I am Bella and I have no siblings, I have long wavy hair, chocolate brown eyes, tan skin. I love to sing, do sports,and everything that is active, and thats me for you.

In the morning

Uhhhhh it's 5:45 and this is the earliest I have ever woken up and it's my frist day at high school Yah. "What the heck I am going to wear today" I looked at my clothes and then picked out a beautiful strap less T-shirt saying stylus = moi and then legging's with gold stars all over it too match the golden letters on the T-shirt. I put my hair out and got a golden hair band and a black necklace that wrote Bella (which Niall gave to me.) "I hope Niall go's to my school" After putting a little mascra and having a natural face and I put on some lip gloss on and thats it for makeup. When I walked down the new staircase I was thinking about Niall what if he doesn't remember me? Then before I knew it I was greeted good mornings with my mom and my dad. "Good morning can we go early to school to like sign up and you know" I said in a cheerful voice. "Sure eat and I will get the car started and we will be outtie in 5 minutes ok hun" My Mom said " Thank you mom love you " So the food was all good. "Get in the car hun" "Okay" The car ride was quiet, then we finally got there. 


At school

"Hello, Hello" I kept on saying and then a handsome boy with black hair came up to me "Are you lost" He asked boy he was handsome. "Yes kind of I am looking for the office I am new" Then my mom comes in "Bella do you know where the office is this is huge" The boy laughs "It is huge and I am Zyan I would love to show you around" "Thank you Zyan I am Bella" I said while blushing, my mom had saw me blushing and then tapped Zyan on the shoulder "Shall we go" When we arrived at the office, my Mom signed me in this huge school and then left while Zyan just kept on watching me. " Thank you Zyan" I told him "Your welcome" he said while leaving. "Ok Miss.Hunt here are class's" As she handed me papers "And Laim" Another handsome boy came out with brown hair and brown eyes. "Yes Ms.Candy" "Help Bella out, will you" Ms. Candy said "Ofcoruse" While we were  walking I asked him what Grade he was in and he said that he was in Grade 9 (I am Grade 9 too) "Could I see that sheet" he asked so nicely "Sure" I said giving him the sheet "Wow I am in eveyclass class you have" "Cool" Was all I could say.                                

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