Love me love me not?

This movella right here is about a girl named Bella Hunt. Bella has beautiful brown wavy hair, chocolate brown eyes, and tan skin. Everyone thinks that she is perfect but she is not, she had lost the one and only best friend she had and she had feelings for him: Niall horan the popstar. When he comes back and see's Bella what will happen and when Niall has feelings for her too what will happen in this roller coaster will they be together or will they remain best friends forever.
I really hope you like it. It is my frist movella and I will try to update everyday. My name is Mansi and I too have wavy brown hair chocolate brown eyes, and tan skin. I will try to keep the chapters long as possible. to all my little carrot friends :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) ;) :) :) :) ;)


4. Chapter 4


Niall Pov

When we were walking in the park I was going to tell her I like her I really do won't you with that beautiful face and that long long brown hair and those lips those lips are the most beautiful lips I have seen pink lips I just wanted to kiss her right there and then. Uhhhh why is love so hard to get. Anyways when I said that I was going to tell her how much I like her I said it wrong and this is what I said I am so dum : "So I heard that someone told you about the slave thingie and anywho I wanted to tell you about the girlfriend I have but did you know that I still like pizza" That is what I said I sounded so dum 


Bella Pov

When he said he had an girlfriend my heart broke in little pieces but who wouldn't date him he's perfect, blond hair, blue eyes beautiful blue eyes. When I looked at him I give him a soft smile " So Niall how does your girlfriend look like" I ask him with the hurt and soft smile I have. "Ummmm that I can't tell you because you will have to find out on friday because I will let you meet her. Won't it be perfect best friend meets girlfriend, but will tell me anything you don't like about her" "Okay" The rest of the park thing went okay but all I could think about is her girlfriend. Uh why do I like Niall?

In The Morning

 When I woke up I did what I always do and its almost friday.


And her hair :



When I went downstairs I also had greeted my mom and dad. "Good Morning Mom and Good Morning Dad" I said with the most sweetest smile I could fake well my mom didn't buy it cause she asked to talk to me " What happened with you and Niall" My mom is the only one who knows about me liking Niall and now I reject myself cause it sometimes. "It was fine and fine" I smiled softly, I walked to the living room to think.   


" Cut the act on your Dad what did he say when you told him?" She asked with the 'mom look' " First of all i didn't ask and um" " come over here" I ran t my mom and cried a little but I don't wear makeup so yah "What did he say" she asked " he has a girlfriend and I am going to meet her in about 3 days uhh what do I do" "Just wait and stop crying you baby" She smiled at me at the same time saying that which caused a smile to from on my mouth. " Okay bye mom better say bye to dad to and are my eyes red?" i asked back to the normal self. "Ok go and nope no red so hurry on you are going to get late for school" She said " Ok bye" I said then ran out saying bye to my dad all I got was have a good day as normal.   




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