Teen Yars ( one dirction )

Darcy May Styles. 16 year old daughter to Harry Styles from one direction. Darcy is Innocent, classy, and reliable but all that is going to change when Darcy's dad gets in touch with his old band mates.


5. trouble

Darcy's point of view

Aden dragged me all the way down the stairs of the basement. It was a little awkward my tiny hands fit perfectly with his large ones. "which way?" Aden asked when we were in the basement. he was still holding my hand like it wasn't a big deal.

"um" i paused thinking. "that way" i said pointing to a dark hall way. Aden flicked on the lights and continued down the hall until we came to my Dad's wine cellar. There were hundreds of different kinds of alcohol down here. Rum, Samuel Adams, tang-lite. white wine. red wine anything. you name it we got it. 

"Wow" aden sighs letting go off my hand. i walk to the back of the room where i know my mum keeps her favorite wine. i grab three bottles while Aden continues to look around at all the different kinds.

"This is my favorite" he says picking up a clear bottle of red wine. i furrowed my eyebrows. He drinks?

"You drink?" i asked. Aden laughs, nodding. i shake my head. he's not of age to drink. "your not of age" i say walking to a diffrent section of the room looking for the kind of wine my dad wanted loudly.

"You have't  drank?" he asks smirking. I nod, skimming my fingertips over the labels. Aden chuckles and screws the lid of a bottle of rum taking a huge sip. i scrunch my nose in disgust. Aden takes a third sip. handing the bottle to me. I don't take it. "come on, one sip i bet daddy wouldn't mind". he said a familiar smirk covering his lips. I hesitated reaching for the bottle.

Once it was in my hand i slowly brought my lips to the tip of the bottle. Aden's eyes watching my every  move. i tilted my head back taking a normal size sip. I scrunched up my nose as the cold liquid burned down my throat, causing my eyes to tear a little. I handed Aden back the bottle not wanting to take another sip. I'll admit the after taste was a delight.

"it's good right, the burning down your throat and the after taste." Aden said taking another chug.  "The second sips always the best." he said pushing the bottle in my direction. I shake my head no.

"Put it back you'll drink it all". i said not wanting dad to know if i drank alcohol. i could still taste the rum in my mouth. Aden chuckled.

"babe, this room is full or beer, daddy wont notice if it missing a simple bottle of rum." i scoff as Aden continues to drink the LARGE bottle. I look over the selves again looking for the wine dad wants. 'Alyssa, Jeremy white wine' i read picking it up smiling. FINALLY. 

"ok lets go" i said handing Aden two bottles. Aden sighs and puts down the rum bottle and grabbing the two wine bottles. I follow Aden upstairs. The den is empty and i can hear chattering in the dinning room. Everyone was taking there seats around the long table. Mum sighs and walks toured Aden and i taking them out of are hands she quickly turns around, but stops turning slowly back to me. oh no no no no please no. she can't smell the rum on my breath i took one sip. Mum looks at me raising an eyebrow. I look down at my feet then back at her. 

"Later" she says her voice stern. she then turns to Aden who has a wide smirk still on his face. oh how i want to slap that right off. " I'll be informing Zayn". she states coldly walking back to the table. handing two bottles to dad. She bends down whispering something to him and his eyes fly to Aden and i. he nods and sends me a ' well discus this later' look. I nod and drag Aden to two empty seats. 

The order of the table goes dad on the end, mum next to him, maddi, el, Louis, Louis jr. , Nichole, Dan. On the other side of dad is Niall, Payton, Zayn , Perrie, Samuel, Aaliyah, Aisha,  and Safaa , me and Aden on the table end facing my father. Before mum sits she goes over to perrie and zayn and says something to them. Her ton hushed so i cant hear. Zayn looks pissed and turns to Aden. perrie says something back to my mum and she nods then pats zayn's back and goes back to her seat next to dad.

"Aden, we will discus this after dinner" Perrie says looking straight at him her eyes slowly drifting to me. I look  back at Aden seeing him nod his head, Still smirking. 

Great were in deep shit.

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