Teen Yars ( one dirction )

Darcy May Styles. 16 year old daughter to Harry Styles from one direction. Darcy is Innocent, classy, and reliable but all that is going to change when Darcy's dad gets in touch with his old band mates.


4. reunion and wine

Darcy's point of view

"Ok well Zayn and i will run to the Liqueur store, Dar why don't you show Perrie and the kids to the guest house.ya" i nodded and stood up from the sofa. Dad kissed mum on the cheek and left the house with Zayn hot on his tail. mum kissed my cheek.

"I'll start dinner, i guess"mum shrugged. Perrie nodded.

"After we get settled in i could come over and help" she stated mum nodded and headed to the kitchen. I rocked back and forth on my heals. Watching everyone. Madison was running across the hardwood floor chasing after mum.

"so" i said.  turning to face the door. "the guest house." perrie laughed standing up and grabbing a suitcase.

"Lets go" she said a bright smile on her face. "Aden grab the bags" He did as told. "come on,loves" She said following me out the door.We walked pass the pool and the patio and walked passed my mums garden coming to our guest house. Its big for a guest house, its the size of a normal house, small compared to my mansion but big. I grabbed the key under the house mat. Original right and unlocked the door walking in. When you first enter you face a small living room. Perrie dropped her suit case and so did everyone else. "this is nice" she said running her hand over the wooden table. i nodded.

"well um, there's uh 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms , TV...." i said awkwardly. Aden turned to me a smirk on his face.

"You don't have to be nervous, love" he said winking. Perrie quietly chuckled. I nodded. 

"Well, ill see yo guys at dinner, yeah". They nodded and a few said yeah, yup,etc. "bye" i said, turning on my heals  and exiting the guest house.When i got back inside the mansion, mum was in the kitchen cutting up tomatoes. Madison was sitting at the kitchen table coloring.

"do they like the house?" mum asked i nodded. "so Aden....he's cute" she said shooting me a cheeky grin. 

"mum" i said my voice squeaking, causing her to laugh. 

"dinner will be ready in about 2 hours go get ready" she said kicking my butt playfully. I laughed, turning to walk upstairs. " i layed a dress on your bed" she called after me.

When i got to my room mum was right on my bed was a orange colored strapless dress. I sighed and dropped my backpack and kicked off my shoes. I put my hair in a loose ponytail and walked to my bathroom, grabbing my towel from this morning.

I turned on the shower, waiting for it to heat up, i slipped off my socks, and skinny jeans, also my tank top. Once i was starch naked i climbed into the hot water, letting it calm my tense back "ahh" i sighed lifting my white lo-fa and i began washing my skin and hair. Once i was done in the shower i climbed out, slipping on matching Victoria secret undergarments. I blowed dried my hair putting it back up in a pony tail. I slid on my dress, and applied my makeup. When i was done i looked in the mirror stunned by my reflection. I smiled running my fingers over my dress. Sliding on my heals i made my way down stairs. It took me about an hour and a half to get ready so people should be about here by now

Voices filled the den when i walked in. Uncle Louie and El were sitting on the love seat. Uncle Lou was talking to dad on the chair across from his and El was talking to a very pregnant Sophia. Liam had his hand supporting Sophia's lower back and was turned talking with dad and Lou. 

"well don't you look lovely" Niall said walking into the den a bread roll in his hand. i smiled and hugged, him. For a 35 year old who constantly ate i'm still surprised he's not fat.

"You look good to Ni". i said my cheeks turning slightly pink. Niall chuckled and waled over to the gang as did i. 

"Look who i found"  niall said placing his hand on my shoulder. All heads turned to us.

"Oh Darcy you look stunning" El said standing up to hug me. "It's been forever how are you?" she asked as she looked over my appearance.

"I-i'm fine" i said shyly. She smiled and sat back down with Uncle Lou.

"You look beautiful" Liam said kissing my forehead. Sophia hugged me and commented my outfit. I talked with Sophia and Liam for a litle bit until the room got quiet. I turned around to see Zayn and Aden walk in. "Zayn" liam cheered bringing him into a manly hug. Zayn was passed around the room getting hugs and kisses. Everyone asking how he's been, how are the kids etc. 

"Yeah, im good this is my son Aden" zayn said waving Aden toured us. He was wearing a white button up but the sleeves were rolled up to his elbows and black skinny jeans his hair was a mess but it fit him well.  While Aden and Zayn talked with all the lads i went into the kitchen to see Mum, perrie and Nichole talking around the island as my mum made  another bowl of salad.

"You look lovely" mum said kissing my cheek. " i picked out the right dress huh" she laughed. She was also wearing a dress. it was black and lacy, very elegant but not too elegant it looked beautiful on her, her hair was up in a braid and she had on bright red lip stick.

"Hello Nichole" i said looking at her Outfit. she kindly smiled and turned back to perrie and continued talking about some guy she likes. I could hear all the younger kids playing out side. There laughing and screaming was very clear from the kitchen.

"Darcy can yo get the key from you father and go get a few bottles of wine from the basement" mum asked giving me a hope full look. I nodded and headed back in to the den. Dad was talk to Lou and Aden while Niall Zayn and liam were talking. Payton most have came in when i didn't see because she was chatting in the corner with El and Sophia, they were examining the painting on the wall. Aden's eyes caught mine as i entered the room and he watched me intently as i came up to him Lou and my Dad.

"Hey Darcy". lou said kissing my forehead. i smiled. 

"Hey Lou"  i turned to dad and smiled.

"You look lovely dar" he said smiling. 

"Thanks" i smiled rocking on my heals. "Right... so mum wants me to go get wine in the basement so... can i please have the key" I asked. dad nodded and walked over to the Piano getting the key in the bench. I know weird hiding spot. He came back over to the couch where i was standing and gave me the key. 

"Grab some Alyssa, Jeremy white wine" he said, i scrunched my nose.

" I don't know what that is" i said looking at him confused dad chuckled.

"I know what it is i'll come" Aden said standing up. Dad looked at Aden then to me. "lets go" he said grabbing my hand.

"Ok" i said letting Aden pull me toured the basement door.

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