Teen Yars ( one dirction )

Darcy May Styles. 16 year old daughter to Harry Styles from one direction. Darcy is Innocent, classy, and reliable but all that is going to change when Darcy's dad gets in touch with his old band mates.


1. darcy

 Hi, My name Is Darcy May Styles, i'm 16 years old. I'll just cut to the chase. My dad is Harry Styles, yes THE Harry Styles from the boy band One Direction. I know WOW right, its cool i guess. It has its pro's and con's. The pro's are, well one almost ALL my teachers were obsessed with One Direction when they were my age so there all super nice to me, and if i don't hand in a assignment on time, they don't care. As long as i tell my dad hi for them or to follow them on twitter. There are more Con's than Pro's though. I don't have a lot of "girlfriends" because they all try to borrow money from me or just want to meet my dad. Guys on the other hand, all they want from me is sex. Seriously  mostly All the guys at my school hit on me and try to get in my pants. I'm smart enough not to fall for there tricks. I have never had a boy friend, Lame i know you would think i'd have tons. But every guy i'm interested in never passes my dad's test. My dad is VERY over protective.

OK, well I have curly brown hair but i always curly brown hair and green eyes just like my father. I'm tall to for my age. I'm 5'6 and weigh about 110 pounds. I have pearly white teeth, and when i smile dimples.

I am the oldest out of all my sibling i have a brother , Danial  who is 15 year old  and looks more like my mum than my dad. i also have a cute little 3 year old sister, Madison.

My mum is 32 years old and my dad is 34. My mum is beautiful, she had Long straight brown hair, bright blue eyes and damn does she have curves. Her and my dad together are the perfect couple i swear, they go together like peanut butter and jelly. 

My dad is still in touch with his old band mates, Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn. Uncle Louis isn't really are uncle but he's so close he's like family. He lives a good 30 minutes away. he's married to El. They have 2 kids Nichole is my age, were not so close and  Louis JR is 10. Liam is married to Sophia and she's pregnant now with a girl. They do have a boy Conner he's the oldest he's almost 18. Niall dosen't have any kids yet but is dating a girl Payton she's lovely. 

Your probably all wondering about Zayn right well, he's married to Perrie Edwards and boy do they have a lot of kids they have 5. Two boys and 3 girls. Zayn lives in California so we never see them, I've only met them once hen i was 3, to young to remember. i hear they have a son my age, but dad tells me he's trouble.

Well buckle up and sit back because my story is about to begin :)

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