Young Day

Harlee Kellans is a 16 year old girl. She isn't your average girl. She's actually a tomboy. She doesn't have any friends that are girls, her best friends are three boys. All four of them grew up together. They were all neighbors. Harlee and Talon live right next door, while Ryder and Cole live right across the street. You can never separate the four of them. One day while they were hanging out, they decided to make a band. But this isn't just any band. They are a punk rock band. Like Paramore, Fall Out Boy, and All Time Low. Will love spark between the band? Will the band break up? This is the story of the band, Young Day.


4. Just Give Me A Reason

Harlee's POV-

"Del isn't right for you. I don't think you two should be together," I carefully say.

"Why?" he asks. He seems like he's getting angrier after every word I say.

"You two should not be dating. It's a bad idea, Ryder," I say.

"Just give me a reason. One reason," he says.

"I'll give you a few. She's a snob, she thinks she's better than everyone else, she cheats on every boyfriend she has, she's an airhead and really stupid, she doesn't treat you right and she doesn't deserve you!" I say but end up yelling at the end.

I'm so sick of Ryder being treated like this and him not doing anything about it. It's not fair to himself because now he's getting this jerk of a girlfriend.

"I don't need you to tell me who I can and can't date, Harlee! I'm perfectly fine on my own! Now if you'll excuse me, I am late for a date with Del," he says and goes to walk away. I jump off of the counter and run in front of him and block him from getting out of the kitchen.

"Ryder! Don't act like this! We all agreed years ago if we're blinded by love and something bad is happening, we'll tell each other! Well this is me telling you! I know for sure she is probably with another guy right now and then you'll be her rebound after he leaves! Please trust me, Ryder!" I yell, holding onto his hands.

"Harlee stop this! Why are you doing this?! You're being a jerk!" he yells and struggles to get out of my grasp.

"You don't deserve this! You deserve a lot better. Don't leave. If you do, you're basically setting yourself up for heartbreak and I'll be the one to say I told you so," I finish and let go of his hands.

"You know what? I hate you, Harlee! I've told you that I don't need your help! So stop treating me like a child!" he yells and storms out of the apartment.

"He hates me?" I whisper, leaning against the counter for support.

"He doesn't hate you, Har. He's just overwhelmed and he knows you're right but he doesn't want to admit it," Talon says and pulls me into his arms.

"He hates me," I say as tears stream down my face. "My best friend hates me and it's all because of that cake face," I say and lean all of my weight on Talon, but he doesn't seem to mind.

"He really doesn't hate you, Harlee," Cole says and rubs my back.

"I told him that his girlfriend is trash. Who wants to be told that they made a bad decision? I'm such an idiot," I moan and begin to cry harder.

"Babe, you're not an idiot. Everything will be alright, I promise," Cole says and pulls me out of Talon's arms and into his arms. He kisses my forehead and then lays my head on his chest.

"Please keep that promise," I whisper, my tears soaking his shirt.

"I will, babe. I will," he says and rubs my back as he begins to sing Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran. It's really calming me down. But I don't think the song is calming me down.

It's Cole's voice.

Maybe he should be a singer. He has a really good voice. Hmm. I'll have to tell him that later. But right now I am going to enjoy being in his arms as his angelic voice sings a song from the music god, Ed Sheeran.



Sorry for the long wait!

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter!

This chapter is dedicated to Maude! She is super awesome and loves this story! Thanks for everything, Maude!

So Ryder had a fight with Harlee! Thoughts on that?

Kiss Me is Cole and Harlee's song now! Yay! I love that song!

Comment what you think!

Thanks for everything guys!

Love you all!

~Cammy xx.

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