Hostage (harry styles )

19 year old Julia Greene just moved to London with her family. She's sweet, polite, INNOCENT.

20 year old Harry Styles Lives in London with his 5 mates and there girls. He's a punk, in a gang, dangerous, cruel. Everything you don't want your daughter dating.

When Harry " kidnaps" Julia for his personal needs what will happen? Will Julia get rescued or will she be stuck with a killer?


1. first day

"Today is the first day of my senior year." I said excitedly to my mom, Regina, as she handed me a plate of eggs and bacon. She laughed.

"Someones excited" she smilied wiping her hands on a wash cloth. " I didnt think you would be so excited...... going to a new school and all" she said. We just moved to London, England  from america. My dad made us move here. ' we need the money' he'll say. His job is allways making us move round. I hate it, but by now im use to it.

"Yeah...... im use to it by now" i said finishing up my breakfast, slipping of the stool in front of the kitchens island. I placed my plate in the sink kissing my mom's cheack good bye. " Bye mum" i said grabbing my back pack and car keys.

" Bye Julia..... have a good day" she said wiping down the island top. I nodded and walked out of the house. I jumped in to my white convertable and drove to my new school.
         The second i pulled into the student parking lot all eyes were on me. There were many wolf whistles  and talking. A bunch of guys were saying things like 'Look at the new girl  or ' i want a piece of that ass'. I rolled my eyes. There were a lot of people watching me, mostly guys as i climbed out of my car adjusting my dress ( out fit in top corner) and walking toured the school. I took in my surrounding  It was a huge school, lots of class rooms, hallways a court yard. I also looked at the group of people. In the court yard under a tree were a bunch of geeks reading and writing talking about Pokemon and stuff. Huddled in the hallway were a bunch of cheerleaders and football players talking. There were a lot of groups but one caught my eye, By the gate entering the school was 5 guys smoking cigarettes and talking. They all had tattoos and piercings. 

I finally found my locker. Thank heaven  I opened it putting in my books and taking some out. The school bell rang and everyone cleared the halls. I looked at my scheduled  " first period- Algebra with Mr. Morgan" i said looking for room 35. once i found it i walked in to have every one stare at me as if i just walked in in nothing but my under wear. I stared back at the class awkwardly, my checks must be as red as a tomato  I broke my stare when the Tall male at the front of the class spoke.

" Ahh you must be" he paused looking at the clip bored in his hand. "Julia Greene" he asked i nodded. " your new correct" he asked.

" um... yeah" i nodded. 

" Ok since your new i wont mark you tardy take a seat" he said gesturing to the class who were watching intently. i Smiled and sat next to a girl with died red hair. she smiled. Mr. Morgan began teaching again, but i payed no attention as i opened my not book and began to doodle.

" im Adriana" the girl next to me said i smiled.

" Julia" i  said smiling. She giggled.

" where did you move here from you have an accent" i laughed causing Mr. Morgan to stop teaching.

" Miss Green is there anything you would like to share with the class?" he asked. i shake my head ' no'. He nodded and continued teaching.

" I'm from  L.A " i said, Adriana looked fully amused. We talked for the rest of the class. After math we both had  a free period. Adriana Brought me to the auditorium where a bunch of other kids were. I stood still and Adriana stopped, looking at me. 

"  we don't bite" she laughed pulling me by my hand over to the group. " Hey guys this is Julia she's new" she said they all looked at me smiling.

" Hey" i said. Adriana sat next to a girl with blonde hair and i sat next to a boy with brown hair.

"Julia this is Hanna" she said pointing to the blonde girl next to her. "aria" she said pointing to a girl with black hair. " Emily, Spencer" she said pointing to 2 girls with brown hair. "Toby, Caleb, and Lucas" she said pointing to three boys. They all said hi asking me things about my self.

"So... why did you move to London?" Hanna asked. I shrugged.

" My dad's job relocated" I said. they all nodded.

"well im glad you moved here" Adriana said hugging my side i laughed. we all continued talking and laughing. I learned Hanna is dating Caleb and  LOVES fashion. Also Spencer and Toby are dating. They are so cute. 

" I like you" Toby says smiling." Your real...." he said. I smiled awkwardly.

"Thanks?" i said. Everyone laughed. The warning bell rang, signaling we had about 10 minutes until we had to get to our next class. We continued talking until the auditorium doors opened and 5 lads walked in. Lucas was in the middle of tell me how we have art together but stopped when they walked in. They all had tattoos and piercings  The five lads stopped talking and looked at me as i stared back. I turned toured Lucas who was also looking at them. 

" That's harry styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson" Aria said. " There the school trouble makers...... They are always getting in fights getting suspended..... getting caught drinking and doing drugs" she said shivering. i nodded looking back over at the lads as they  sat on the stage. One boy with blonde hair and a lip ring took out a pack of cigarettes offering one to each lad then began smoking.

" Yeah.... Julia" Emily said making me snap my head back over to her.

" What" i asked  not paying attention.

" There bad news... don't get into there shit" Emily said. Everyone nodded, so did i. The bell finally went off and Lucas and i walked to art. I turned around taking one last look at the 5 lads sitting on the stage, They were all deep in a conversation not seeming to b bothered that the bell just rang. Lucas gripped my arm pulling me out of the auditorium.

" we don't want to be late" he said as we started walking to class. When we got there there were a few kids scattered around the class room talking. Lucas and i sat at  table in the middle of the room and talked until class started.
" hello seniors." A lady in her mid forties  with blonde hair tied up in a messy bun and overalls said adjusting her glasses. "as you know im miss Dumaz" she said looking at a clipboard in her hand.  She smiled  "ok.... it says here that we have a new Greene... Julia Greene?" she asked looking over the students in her class. I raised my hand. " Oh... well.. hello Julia  dear im miss Dumaz... the art teacher" she said. Obviously shes the art teacher. we are in ART CLASS. i nodded and she started passing out blank pieces of white paper to the class. " ok we are just going to do random sketches that represent yourself" she said walking back to the front of the room taking a expo marker in her hand. " So since im in art teacher i might draw.... some paints or glasses" she said drawing a quick sketch on the board. " get it..... ok you may began" she said wiping her hands on her printed dress.

I nodded and began drawing an american flag, ripped skinny jeans and a dolphin. " what are you drawing?" i asked Lucas looking at his paper. There was a stack of books penciled in and a calculator. dork.

" um.... i like to a calculator because i like math um year book and a camera because im in a lot of clubs" he said pointing to each item. i nodded, and got back to my work.


I walked into the cafeteria alone.  Once i walked in i spotted aria and  Spencer sitting at a table. "hey" i aid sitting down.. They smiled when they saw me. 

" Glad to see your still breathing" Spencer laughed. i smiled.

" yup im still.... alive..." we laughed as Hanna and Caleb came and sat with us. Caleb sat next to Hanna and put his arm around her whispering in her ear. " hello love birds" i smiled they laughed and kissed. awwww. soon Emily and Adriana came over with Lucas and Toby.

"so do you like the school?" aria asked. i nodded taking a bit of my salad.

" ya i love it... its cool" i said she smiled  we all continued talking. Aria , Hanna and i made plans to go shopping later after school. Then this weekend all us girls are sleeping at aria's house because her parents are going out of town so it will only be  her and her younger brother mike.  Toby and Spencer were planing a double date with Hanna and Caleb.

"uhhh.... im full... Julia do you want a chicken nugget" Emily asked me. i scrunched my nose.

" no thank you im a vegetarian" i said Emily nodded and got up to throw away her food. aria looked at me shocked.

" NO WAY" she yelled surprised. I looked at her confused  " im a vegan to" she said smiling i smiled  cool. Aria told me how she lived in ice land for a year and that's when she became a vegetarian. Soon the cafeteria doors opened and the five lads from earlier walked in. Everyone instantly quieted down. I looked over again, At the five lads. i looked at the one Aria said was hot Harry. She was right he had brown curls and  boy was he fit. He had many tattoos and a lip piercing. He had piercing green eyes. it was like he was staring in to my soul. Oh My god. i looked up to Harry's eyes once again to see them staring right back into my brown ones. He smirked and started walking toured me. Holy Shit, he's getting closer. Aria softly kicked me under the table. My breathing hitched as he walked over here. right up to our table. Right up to.



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