Nothing lasts forever

Hi my name is Kelsie..

You probably wonder "why do we need to hear that sluts story?" Well..

You don't, but this is my story about how I fell in love with the worlds biggest pop star. Justin Bieber.
What to know about me.
Well first of all, my dad left my mom to be with another woman. I haven't seen him in almost 6 years now. I live with my mother and my brother, who is 15. I'm 18 years old, and I live in Los Angeles. My best friend is Amanda and we've been best friends since kindergarten.
Oh yeah I almost forgot, I got a boyfriend. His name is Dylan and we've been together for a year now.
I think that was all to tell about my super interesting life. (Mark my sarcasm)


2. chapter 1

(Kelsie's P.O.V)

I walked down the isle in the grocery store, trying to find some cereal. I looked around for the cereal. Nothing. There was nothing. What store doesn't have cereal?

I was looking for the cereal once again, when I saw a pack. I was walking for it, and bumped into someone, and we both fell to the ground, wops. I looked up and saw a beautiful pair of hazel brown eyes, he rubbed his head. Oh my god, this is so embarrassing!

"Oh my god are you okay? I'm so sorry!" Well this day can't get any worse, ugh. "It's okay!" He chuckled, "you're sure?" I asked helping him up. "Positive." He Said flashing me a Colgate smile, ugh he is pretty hot.

Wait, what?! Kelsie you got a boyfriend, an amazing boyfriend that you love. "Well I better get going." He said while reaching down for the last box of cereals, ugh, now I don't have any breakfast. Stupid boy with his perfect smile, beautiful eyes, flawless face and amazing hair. STOP IT KELSIE!

Before I could even think about it, the boy was gone. Oh well, now I just gotta find some breakfast for tomorrow, no cereal for me.

I took my car and called Amanda right away, she answered it and I put it on speaker, and began to drive. "HOLA MUCHACHO!" I yelled into the phone. "HI BABE I'VE MISSED YOU!" "I've missed you to my love!" I said "so I wondered, do you want to go shopping tomorrow?" I asked with a little giggle, I miss her so much. "YES OMG!" She yelled into the phone, alrighty then.

"Then I guess that I'll see you tomorrow, at 11?" I asked. "Sure bitchacho." She said hanging up, why is she such a bitch? Oh well, I still love her.

Sorry for the short chapter, but I promise, the next one will be longer!

for a new one!🌸

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