Story Of My Life (One Direction Fanfic)

Lena, a 12-year-old orphan girl who suffers from child abuse from her Foster Home, finally gets adopted by 5 grown boys. The boys, AKA One Direction, has wondered a few times about Lena's silence. It turns out she has more secrets than it looks...


3. I Don't Want To

 What is wrong with these guys?!? I was perfectly happy at the Home!!!!! Abby and I could've run away together but these guys ruined it!!! THEY RUIN EVERYTHING!!!!! I stormed my way to their car and I buckled up. They drove me to some king of big house nearby. It's not that far. I can still escape and get Abby if I want to. Once the car stopped, I got off and went to the porch of the house. One of the boys opened the door for me. He was blonde. I sat on their couch and looked around. Their house inside is huge!!! 3 families can live in here!! I turned my attention back to the boys. They were standing side-by-side in front of the door like if they were kidnappers. Are they kidnappers? What are they going to do with me?? "Hi. What's your name?" one asked me. "Lena" I answered. Why did they care, anyway? "Well, Lena. I know that you're asking why we adopted you. Simon said we had to learn how to be responsible so he told us to adopt a child. So here you are. Oh, by the way, Simon is our boss and please don't feel weird. Lets just say we are your brothers." Buzz cut explained. I nodded. "Let us show you your room" Blondie said. He sounded Irish while the rest sounded British. I followed them upstairs to a pale pink room with a closet, bathroom, desk, bed, a big dresser and a flat screen TV. My eyes widened and I looked at it in awe. Cool. "We'll give you time to settle down" Stripes said and he left along with Curly, Blondie, Buzz cut, and Tatoos. I placed a framed picture of my mom on the desk and put the other pair of clothes I had in the dresser. This all seemed too unreal. Maybe I was dreaming! No. I almost never have any dreams like this. My dreams are mostly about Abby and my mom and dad. That's all. I still can't believe this is happening. This is happening way too fast! I laid down on the bed and fell asleep quickly. I haven't slept on a bed in a long, long, time!

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