Story Of My Life (One Direction Fanfic)

Lena, a 12-year-old orphan girl who suffers from child abuse from her Foster Home, finally gets adopted by 5 grown boys. The boys, AKA One Direction, has wondered a few times about Lena's silence. It turns out she has more secrets than it looks...


2. Getting Adopted

The week in a dumpster wasn't so bad. It was a bit better than the Home. Somehow, sleeping on trash is more comfortable than sleeping on a hard cement floor. It was also kind of fun! Abby and I talked about stuff we never talked about before.

"Hey, Lena," Abby said to me. "Do you think we'll ever get adopted?"

"Totally! I mean look at us!! We look like models!!" I exclaimed. Abby giggled.

"You're right!" She said.

We never talked about getting adopted before and we both have been here for years. It was what our 'Mom' said that made it happen.

"YOU'RE TIME IS UP YOU LITTLE BRATS!" She yelled and dragged both of us inside. "LENA GO PACK UP YOURE THINGS!" She yelled one more time before she left. What is she going to do to me now? Wasn't a week in the dumpster enough?!? I guess not. I walked over to my place on the cold cement floor. I packed up my only belongings and thought about my next punishment. Was she going to send me to another Home?? I'll have to leave Abby!!! I grabbed my book bag I packed my belongings in and forced myself not to cry. Everything will be okay. Maybe Abby and I can escape before they send me away. It'll be fun. Just the two of us.

I walked back to our 'Mom' and sighed. I noticed she looked prettier than usual. More make up, pretty outfit, and she looked less like a giant, angry gorilla.

"Come here, sweetheart!" She spoke in a sweet-as-candy voice and forced a big smile. I followed her into the Adoption Room. I'm getting adopted????? There is no way!!! I just came back from my punishment!! I looked at the 5 boys adopting me. Why would 5 boys adopt a 12-year-old girl??

"Hello, love" a curly haired boy greeted me. I didn't answer. It was better than me saying anything.

"She's shy." Our 'Mom' said.

"Alright" another boy said.

"Well, just sign here and you can take her home." She pointed to a line on the paper and one by one, the boys started to sign. No! No! Don't sign!! I thought but it was too late. They were done. "Bye, sweetie!" our 'Mom' exclaimed smiling rom ear to ear. The boys headed for the door so I followed them. I had no choice. As we were outside the door, I could see Abby at the window. She was waving me goodbye as streams of tears ran down her face. I waved her goodbye as streams of tears ran down my face, too.

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