Love At First Bite

I'm Riley Asheleigh Kelly I'm 19 years old and I've heard weird things about One Direction. People have been missing and found dead after their concert. And now my two little sisters Hannah (17 years old) and Bethany (13 year old) want to go to their concert now I'm scared we're next.


4. New Home Now

Riley's POV...

"Please fasten all seat belts as we land." The flit attended said.

It's been a whole day on the jet and I haven't slept or ate anything. And I haven't done anything human like for about five days. I'm not saying it sucks where I am it's just that I miss being when Humans and doing human things.

"I promise you will be able to do human things."

He must of read my mind. I give him a weak smile and lay my head on his shoulder.

"Are we a couple?" I say.

"Yeah I guess so."

And he smiles.

"I'll take you out today. Just me and you for dinner."

He says holding my hand.


"Something isn't right. Are you okay Riley?"

"Yeah it's just that. I miss Hannah and Beth. And my mom. And being with Humans. Not to upset you but. I'm alone..."

He signs and kisses my forehead.

"I wish I haven't done this to you. You could've had a perfect life. But I ruined it. And I swear I will try everything I can to make your life like home."

Now I started to feel a little bad.

"Liam. My life is great. But I'm just tried of being scared and bored."

We started to land and Niall woke up and his eyes where Dark Red. He's hungry.

"Liam. Nialls eyes."

He looks at Niall and has a worried face.

"We need to land Now!" He says and goes to Niall claiming him down and Nialls teeth are starting to slide out but he's trying so hard to hold them in so I grab a knife and stab my self and put my wrist to Nialls mouth. And Liam is shocked. And Niall drinks away.

And I get paler.

And Liam says. "Niall stop.. Niall your gonna kill her. NIALL!"

And pushes him back. And I'm super pale.

"Riley I'm so so Truly sorry." He says as his eyes go back to crystal blue.

"You crazy animal. Go kill someone else girlfriend!" Liam snaps at him.

" Liam. It's okay...." I say like I'm tried.

But I'm not I'm just weak. The plane goes into a complete stop and we stand up get our bags and leave the plane. Soon as we are out their is Paparazzi everywhere. So Liam grabs my hand and we run out normal speed with the boys following and buy a car it's a Rang Rover. Liam drives deep into the forest. And we make it to the house. It's huge. Bigger than the last. I get out shocked then Liam takes my hand an we walk in. I go upstairs and settle in. While the boys go hunt. I sit in me and Liam's room and look around.

"This is my life now." I mumble to myself.

I go downstairs to the basement and see Liam doing pool.

"You like this game?" I say to him.

"Yeah. You?" He says.

"Not my favorite but I could try." I say.

I grab a stick and Liam helps me by coming behind me and I turn around and Kiss him. He kisses back then it gets deeper and I sit on the table and move the balls out the way and lay back with Liam coming on top of me. I wrap my arm around him and he kisses my neck I moan and he comes to kiss me then he takes us to the wall my back banging very hard on the wall and I wrap my legs around his hips and i start undoing his shirt and he stops me.

"I'm not gonna do it with you until the right time." He says.

And I frown. He's right I'm not ready yet. He must of read my mind. AGAIN!

I jump off and bite my lip and say. "I'm gonna get ready for tonight."

And he smirks at me. I run upstairs smiling at myself then Harry says while smirking.

"Did you have fun?"

And I playfully punched him rolling my eyes.

"Ha ha. Really funny." I say sarcastically.

I go into the room and start to undress and then I feel a sharp pain in my back. I turn around and their are bruises. No. He couldn't hurt me. He loves me... Then I remembered when he banged my back against the wall. It didn't hurt until now. And I'm soo skinny. Okay! No more blood is gonna be taken away from me. Even if they starve I'm not gonna kill myself just for feeding blood suckers!

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