Love At First Bite

I'm Riley Asheleigh Kelly I'm 19 years old and I've heard weird things about One Direction. People have been missing and found dead after their concert. And now my two little sisters Hannah (17 years old) and Bethany (13 year old) want to go to their concert now I'm scared we're next.


5. Jealously

Riley's POV.....

As I'm getting ready I wear this.

I check myself once more putting on my nose ring and my shoes and I walk down stairs and see Liam and the rest of the boys and they all say,


And I giggle and then they all snap outta it and Liam says,

"Go get your own lads."

And he reaches his hand out and I take it and Louis says,

"Be safe kids."

"Should I be saying that to you?" Liam says.

"Uh no. I got everything under control."

"Um nope... Don't feel safe with you watching them. Zayn you are in charge."

"Yes!" Zayn says going to the TV.

"Wha- What! Him?!? He barley talks."

"Yeah and he barley get himself into trouble." Liam says as we leave.

"Bye guys." I say and we leave.

Liam vampire speeds to the car and opens my side. I thank him by kissing him and I get in and he does and I put my seatbelt on and he drives away.

"Liam aren't you gonna put your seat belt on?" I say.

"Babe I'm fine. I won't crash. I know what's gonna happen next?"

I cross my arms and say. "Then what?"

"We are gonna have a green light next turn." He says.

And he drives down the rode and he's right. Wow. Maybe I should believe in Vampires more.

"Yeah you should believe in vampires love."

And I giggle.

"Nice reading my mind."


We arrive and it's gorgeous. He opens the door for me and helps me out and walks me inside being very gentle, more like super. And his eyes goes back to his regular brown eyes and he put his teeth away.

And I forgot he wore this.

With his hair silky and the color popping out. He looked like a regular person but his skin. He was very pale, that is what I was worried about. Hopefully he'll still blend in.

He put my chair out and I sat down thanking him and he walks to his chair like a regular person and puts his grey jacket on the chair and sits in front of me.

"Do you like it?" He asks.

"Yeah. Thank you so much. I feel normal finally." I say.

"I just wanted to see you smile again." He says grinning at me.

The waiter came and I looked up and it was my old best friend Harrison!

I gasp and say,



I stand up and hug him tightly.

"Oh my gosh! Harrison. I've missed you SO much!" I say feeling Liam's glares.

"I've missed you too! How have you been! You look so different." He says with his strong Irish accent.

"I've been alright. Just a few ups and downs. Oh my gosh! I miss you sooo much. I'm very happy."I say hugging him once more.

"Me too. Me seeing you made my day." He says while hugging me back.

Liam's POV....

What the hell?!? I was just about to give her the gift I bought her but looks like the Harrison is making her happier.

So I clear my throat and they break apart and Riley says. "Harrison this is my friend, I mean... Best friend... I mean... Sorry. You know what thats Liam."

So I'm just a friend?!? That's when I started to boil inside.

"Oh well hello, Friend, Best friend I mean that's Liam. Very nice to meet you. You are a lucky lad. Keep her close if your one or the other." He said.

And she blushes while holding his hand. Are you serious.

"Well what would you two like to drink?" He asks.

"Water." I say meanly.

"Same." She says after me while smiling widely.

"Well I'll be right back darling and Liam." He says.

And he turns around and leaves while kissing her hand and that's when my teeth started to come out. She sits down and I try to hide my face and I say while looking down.

"So I'm just a friend, yeah?" I say.

And she sighs. And says.

"I'm sorry Liam....I just lost train of thought. I couldn't catch up. I just miss him so much."

"Well why don't you date him?" I say snapping at her.

"Are you seriously being like this? That's one reason why I don't date!"

She snaps back at me.

"Oh I'm sorry I'm just a friend just to correct you." I say getting louder.

"You know what!"

And that's when Harrison came back with the drinks and she said,

"Harry he's my boyfriend okay he's my.. Boyfriend. You happy now Liam!"

"Oh um cool." Harrison says.

And that's when I started to feel bad.

"Plus he already has a girlfriend Liam! So why are you mad! Is it because you don't trust me huh? You always think EVERY damn thing has to go your way! Well now it isn't." She yells in my face

"I'm sorry okay."I say.

"No just shut up. Thanks Harrison."

And he leaves and I say,

"Why are you acting stubborn and rude!!" I more likely yelled in her face that.

"Why are you taking over my whole fucking life!"

She yells back and throws water on me and leaves. I wipe it off and follow her, I messed up!

"RILEY! RILEY IM SORRY!" I yell running after her.

"You wanna talk to me talk to my fucking finger and read what it means!"

And she puts up the middle finger. I grab her arm and stop her.

"Look I'm sorry, I just need to learn how to love. Because after all this killing and stuff I haven't really settled myself down and thinking of Love. And I'm still learning. And if I act selfish or something then please don't leave me. I would rather be with you than die over love." I say softly.

I wipe her tears off and kiss her and she kisses me back and I swing her around and she giggles. I let her down and we went back to the house.

Riley's POV.....

I guess I can't be mad forever.

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