Love At First Bite

I'm Riley Asheleigh Kelly I'm 19 years old and I've heard weird things about One Direction. People have been missing and found dead after their concert. And now my two little sisters Hannah (17 years old) and Bethany (13 year old) want to go to their concert now I'm scared we're next.


9. I Won't Go/Sex With A Vampire?+16

Liam's POV.....

We finished Kiss You which was our last song of the night and I still was feeling down.

We go off of the stage as the lights turned off and we walked off stage. We did a quick meet and great and of course the boys ate 4 girls and sucked them dry then we went home.

"You alright?" Harry asked.

"" I mumbled.

"I'm sorry Liam I'd do anything to..." And I just zoned him out. I've herd too much and it's actually making it worst so I blocked him out of my head and didn't listen.

We arrived at the house and get out the car and walk inside. I stopped walking and I stopped in the front of the door and just broke down crying.

I haven't cried in years but Riley can make me cry and it hurts like hell. I had my face in my hands and Louis helped me walk inside.

"I-I'm going upstairs..." I mumbled/sobbed out.

"Alright. Yell if you need anything." Louis said.

And I walked upstairs up to my room. I open the door and I couldn't believe my eyes....

"Riley...." I say quietly.

The turns around and runs up to me and hugs me tightly.

"Oh for fuck sakes Liam I thought you were dead! And I made my choice I want to stay. I won't go I promise! I was just afraid... I'm sorry!" She says.

And I hug her back. She pulls back as I still had a grip of her waist and she takes her thumb and wipes my tears.

She kissed my nose. And I say. "I'm so happy you are back. It doesn't even matter if you say I love you or not. I just want you to know that I love you and always will Riley. Just please don't leave me again..."

She kissed my nose again and says. "I won't go."

Then I kissed her lips and I lift her up to have her legs wrapped around my waist and I shut the door and zoomed to the wall. And I take off her shirt and it started to get really heated.

Riley's POV.....

It was fast how he made his way to the wall taking off my shirt. He then goes to the dresser and slams my back against it. I wince in pain and so does he because remember he can feel his lovers pain also.

"I'm sorry." He says through the kisses.

He then takes off his shirt and he is really fit and I mean really.

We finally make it to the bed and while he's on top of me making hickeys on my neck he's in strapping my bra and I'm just moaning away loving every second.

"Bite me Liam make me one of you." I say.

Then he stops and looks at me.

"I'm not going to take your beautiful life away. I love you too much to take something special that you only get once away." He says as he moves a hair piece to wrap around my ear.

I swear this boy has me wrapped around his finger. "I guess I do." He says reading my mind.

"Oh shut up and kiss me." I say.

And he laughs and does goes back to kissing me. He then tugs off my shorts and slowly slides his hand down and rubs me making me moan like crazy.

Quick Authors Note: //SEXUAL CONTENT if you want to read it then read it I can't stop you I'm just giving a warning//

While he was rubbing me down there he was sucking on my neck.

"Oh my gosh Liam!" I moaned out.

"Shhh... Babe the boys are downstairs." He says.

He then slides two fingers in and I put my hand on my mouth and yelled out. This was the best sex ever.

I then reached my climax and his slowly slips his fingers out.

I tug on his pants and he takes them off while I take off my panties. And then we are completely naked.

"Are you ready?" He asked.

"Always have been..." I say as I stare him in his now soft brown eyes.

He slides himself inside of me and next thing you know it he's thrusting a lot. It hurt a little but I got used of it.

He started to get more intense and he now puts both of his hands on the top of the bed stand thingy then it breaks but we kept going.

"Oh my gosh! Liaaammm!" I moaned out as I hand my arms wrapped around his back digging my nails inside of his skin probably not hurting him but I wanted more.

"Hold on babe." He says.

Then he zoomed too next to us and my back pushes down everything that was on the side dresser next to the bed the lamp hurt me most but I kept going.

He pulls my arms up and started kissing my neck and thrusting violently.

I was so close to my climax. I shut my eyes tightly and say loudly. "LIAM!!"

Then we go back to the bed and he licks under there while I was tugging onto his hair with my eyes shut and lifting my back while putting back my hair.

He flips me around and slides himself inside of my again. And I was holding onto the pillows I ripped one and Liam ripped almost all of them.

"GOSH LIAM!" I moaned out loudly as I squeezed my eyes. He reached his orgasm and he stopped laying on the bed trying to catch our breath or at lest I was.

I smiled and I turn to see him grinning from ear to ear.

"You dirty little baster!" I say as I laughed it out. "I bet I'm going to be sore because of some people." And I glare at him. And he laughs.

"Look how much damage we did." He says as I cuddle up next to him laying my head on his chest.

"You mean look how much damage YOU did. Yeah I see that." I say and he laughs.

There was feathers everywhere falling and the bed was broken and the lamp was broken and wall had a crack on it. And the dressers had cracks on them. And almost all the things were broken.

But I just cuddled up next to him and he kissed my lips once more and I say. "We'll deal with this later. Hopefully the boys didn't hear us."

And I go to sleep. Liam doesn't sleep still......

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