Love At First Bite

I'm Riley Asheleigh Kelly I'm 19 years old and I've heard weird things about One Direction. People have been missing and found dead after their concert. And now my two little sisters Hannah (17 years old) and Bethany (13 year old) want to go to their concert now I'm scared we're next.


3. escape

Riley's POV....

I waited till dark to leave. But noon was fine. I changed my clothes and re-did my hair so those bloodsuckers downstairs won't noticed me. I cut my hair and washed some of the red color out making it more brown. I dried my hair and put a little makeup on. Then I put knifes in my boots and I look like this,

. I am an A level student at throw daggers and knifes. Just incase any other vampires try something on me I'll throw these straight in their so called heart. As soon as I was done I heard footsteps I got finished wrapping my broken wrist Liam broke and jumped out the two story house and landed on my feet feeling the pain of my ankle. I winced in pain and ran. I ran as fast as I could it felt like I was gliding. Like I said. I'm a fast runner was on cross country and Track. Won all the frames in track. So yeah I'm really fast. I then stopped because someone came to me and stopped me by grabbing my arms.

I look who is was and it's Liam. He covers my mouth and says. "Don't scream. I won't hurt you."

Then a girl with ginger hair came she had red eyes. Liam took his hand off my mouth and put me behind him. I was scared. So scared I started to shake... Badly.... The wind blew and my hair flew in the air and the girl says looking at me.

"You have a snack Liam."

"You shouldn't be here Victoria. Hurting these people. They haven't done nothing to you." He says giving me his coat from behind. And I put the hood up.

"Why are you on there side Liam? They kill our kind. And your with them. Remember I put the spell on you. I wanted you to fall in love with me! Not Danielle! That's Why She's Dead!" Victoria says yelling the last parts.

"I will never love you. You're a witch." Liam says.

"Go to hell Liam. And I'll take that." She says.

And she does Vampire speed up to me throwing Liam I'm the air grabbing my neck choking me putting me in the air like I was a very light person. I couldn't breath I kicked my leg up and a knife comes out and I grab the knife while it was in the air and stab her. She dropped me.

And I fall to the floor trying to get air and she takes it out and does a evil laugh. "Hahah! Honey I don't die. This isn't over Liam."

"Begone Victoria!" He yells and she disappears in the air and Liam comes to me and again he stops breathing and his eyes go black and he gets more paler.

"Liam breathe." I say putting my hand on his cheek.

And he doesn't. He must really worry about me. So I kiss his icy lips and they get warm. Like humans lips.

"Breathe..." I say.

And actually the kiss was perfect but I didn't expect for my first kiss to be with a Vampire.

I get up and look into his eyes and they go back to normal. And he says. "Why d-did you kiss me?"

"I don't know." I say.

"Sorry you had to see that. She's a handful. Now you know why you can't leave." He says.

"She'll kill me?" I say worried.

"Yes and her other pack. She's the one who killed my first love and put this spell on me." He says helping me up.

"Wow. Liam I'm sorry I slapped you. I just got scared I didn't know what to do." I say.

"It's fine. I kinda needed it. I was being over protective." He says.

Then he stops and he looks over at something else. Then back at me.

"We need to go now." He says eyes going back to black.

I run then he grabs my arm and swings me around his back and he runs back to the house. When we arrive all the boys are outside and all there eyes were red it was scary.

He lefts me off and I say. "Whats going on Liam?"

"Come with me. Lads stay. She's back." He says.

They nod and look around. Then Liam grabs my arm and takes me to the basement. And grabs my hands and looks me in the eyes.

"Riley. You need to stay. I don't want to see you hurt. Please stay."

I nod scared than ever in my life.

"L-Liam what's going on?" I say so concerned.

And he says. "I just need you to be safe."

And he leaves but I grab him and kiss him. I put my hands in his hair and he puts his hands around my waist. It was perfect. But then he pulled away. And put his head against mine.

And I said. "I need you alive Liam. Please come back."

"I promise." He says.

And he leaves locking the doors and I sit their in silence. Scared about what's gonna happen. And I think I'm in love.

Liam's POV....

I go back upstairs and outside and Oliver's clan is attacking us. Oliver is part of Victorias clan. They aren't the most powerful clan but they are more powerful than us boys. But that's why we train and train for days like these. And after this we have to move. It's gonna be way to dangerous for Riley and all the Clans will be attacking us. But let me tell you why they are all attacking us. Because we are the weakest then when we are gone they'll attack Oliver then Hannah then so on and so on. But we need more people. And I wouldn't turn Riley because she has a beautiful life. I wouldn't hurt her until the time to change her. I was biting someone's neck off when I heard Riley scream and oh no! Oliver. He's going to kill her. I can read minds look for the future and see what's going on in everyone's point of view.

Riley's POV....

I was hearing yelling and screaming and so much stuff coming from outside when I felt someone's cold hand touch my shoulder. I turn around and it was a guy he has ginger hair like Victoria and red eyes and pale skin. He looked scary.

"So you're Liam's new lover." He said.

"What do you want." I say getting ready to throw my knife out.

"I just want to talk. Please, come, sit with me darling,"

I didn't do it.

"Don't worry I don't bite." He says.

Then a feel a pain in my heart. And I scream in pain.

"AHHHH! Ah! P-please s-stop." I screamed waiting for Liam or any of the boys to save my weak ass.

"I said Come Here!"He says in a deeper meaner voice.

I could feel my throat close up as I fell to the floor. I was trying to get air but I got nothing.

He stands up and says in my ear grabbing a knife. "This is gonna be fun."

"G-go to h-hell." I whispered.

"What was that?" He says.

"I said go to HELL!" I yelled.

And I step on his hand the knife goes flying up and I kick the handle part to his heart and he falls back and I breath again. As I take deep breaths I turn around and I see Liam and I hug him tightly.

And he says. "You have good moves."

"Thanks. Now what is going on?"

He signed and said. "They are hunting us down we have to leave this country. We're moving to London."

"But... What about my mom and.."

I was about to say sisters but I just let it pass by.

"You can say bye to your mom. Now let's go pack."

I run upstairs with Liam behind me and I pack my bags and he throws them in the range Rover and then boys come tried and put their bangs in and drive another rang rover. We leave and Liam burns the house down. I get into the front seat and Liam does to.

I buckle up and he drives away holding my hand and he kisses it saying. "I promise I will get you somewhere safe. I'm so sorry Riley. I'm trying."

"It's fine. I just need you with me." I say looking at him.

He smiles and kept his eyes on the rode. We arrive at my house and I get out and sigh then the boys park behind us and wait. And me and Liam head in.

And I say. "My mom is a super sweet person. She offers A LOT. Please try to not act weird. And no biting."

And he gets out a chuckle.

"You wish is my command princess."

I knock on the door and my mom opens it and is shocked.

"Riley! I'm missed you soo much. Where have you been! Where's Hannah and Beth? Who's this?"

"Hi Mrs. Kelly. I'm Liam Riley's..."

"Boyfriend!" I say finishing his sentence and he looks at me and smiles widely.

"Oh well welcome to the family Liam. Want some water. I have food. Want some Mac and cheese. You may have anything. Where's Hannah and Beth?"

"Mom. They are in the car."

I lie.

"Let me see them then." She says as she just was about to go out to the car.

"They don't want you to see you now."

I say.

"Well then... I will have a chat with the young ladies when they come in the house." She says.

"Uh mom. About home. I won't be back. I'm moving in with Liam. I love you bye." I say quickly

And I hug her she doesn't say anything and we leave. Then I start to cry and Liam hugs me.

"Shh... She's gonna be okay. Everything's gonna be okay."

And we get in the car and head to the air port. We arrive and get out leaving the cars their and running to our plane but they don't do vampire speed and they had to close their noses to not smell the humans. And run away from the screaming fans and the paparazzi. Remember they are still One Direction. We get in the plane and change into something different in the little bathroom in the jet. And then the plane took off. This is gonna be a new experiment. I looked over at Niall and he's eyes goes red and I say to Liam.

"Bite me."

"Wha- no Riley. Keep your life."

"No look at Niall. He looks like he's gonna attack someone soon."

"He'll be fine."

I get up grab a cup and grab a knife from my pocket and cut my wrist deep into my vain's and blood pours out. And then it stops and I feel a little weak. And I give a little to all the boys even Liam.

Then I go back out yawning and Liam again stops breathing and hugs me. "Don't ever scare me like that again."

And I give him a weak smile. I then go to Niall which he sits across from us.

And I bend down and give him the coup of my blood and he looks at me and says. "Thank you R-Riley."

Then I give Harry, Zayn, ad Louis some and they thanked me.

And Louis says. "Wow! Your blood taste great!"

I giggle and sit back down next to Liam and say. "I know you want some to."

"I-I- yes I do."

And I give him the cup and he says.

"Louis is right. You're not to sweet yet not to sour. You're prefect."

And he kisses my cheek. And I blush. And then I fall asleep more likely passing out of how weak I am.

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