Love At First Bite

I'm Riley Asheleigh Kelly I'm 19 years old and I've heard weird things about One Direction. People have been missing and found dead after their concert. And now my two little sisters Hannah (17 years old) and Bethany (13 year old) want to go to their concert now I'm scared we're next.


1. Concert

"Riley Come on!"

Bethany says.

"Okay I'm coming!"

And I run downstairs with our mum kissing our cheeks and we walked out wearing this.

I have dark red hair, Hannah hair Perrie Edwards color hair I don't know why, she loves Zayn though, and Beth has our regular hair color which is light wavy brown. We get into my black rang rover and I drive away with Beth sitting in the front and Hannah in the back. Then I change the music and Move by little Mix comes on and we start singing to our lungs laughing and having a blast. We finally arrive and we all get out walking inside giving the man our ticket. I didn't wanna go cause I'm not a big fan I like there music but not them. Now Hannah and Beth on the other hand are crazy about them but Hannah is a animal about them. We went in the front and sat down well I sat down. And the boys ran out stage singing Kiss You. And Zayn winked at Hannah and she went CRAZY!


And I did and she held her arm and said.

"Ouch. I wasn't being for real geez."

"You said someone to pinch you so I did." I say putting my shoulders up.

And she playfully rolled her eyes and pushed me and I giggled. Then Liam took Beth's phone and video tapped the stage then gave it back and she went crazy and he pointed at me and winked at me and all the boys were staring at only us while singing. Like they knew us. Oh gosh some girls are looking at us. This is so embarrassing. They played Little Things, did twitter questions, did Best Song Ever, Over Again, and a few more songs then they did Story Of My Life. And to tell you the truth I actually like that song. When's they finished we went backstage and we where the last ones fuck!

"Thank you Riley so much for taking us your the best sister ever!"Hannah says hugging me.

And I smile. "Of course Anna."I say.

"Yeah thanks. Riley." Beth says joining the hug.

Then we break apart and I play Temple Run 2 on my I phone 5s. Then someone taps me and I yell. "Fuck!"

Because I lost.

Then I turn around and see Liam and he says to me. "Did I do anything love?"

"Oh nothing just temple run." I say.

"Oh well you have anything for us to sign?" Liam says bringing out a pen.

"Uh no just my sisters Hannah and Bethany." I say pointing to them.

"Well let me introduce you to everyone." He says pulling me to Niall first.

"No it's fi-"

And he pulls me over to the boys and first is Niall.

"I'm Niall Horan darling."

And he hugs me and I say. "Uh... I'm Riley Kelly."

"Oh sorry we like hugs."

"It's fine I just didn't expect it."

Then Zayn.

"Well hello there I'm Zayn."

And he hugs me.

"I'm Riley Kelly. Nice to meet you."

"You to. You sister Hannah is really cute."

And I smile.

"She gets it from me." I say and we both laugh.

Then I step over to Harry.

"You must be Harry styles. Am I wrong?"

"No love. What's your name?"

"I'm Riley Kelly."

"That's a beautiful name for a gorgeous girl."

And he hugs me also. Wow these boys are real huggers.

Then Louis says."Cool hair. I'm Louis Tomlinson."

And he hugs me and when he hugged me he did it tight and didn't let go and I couldn't get outta his grip!

"LOUIS!" Liam roars and Louis gets off of me and I could finally breath.

"Sorry Love. I like long tight hugs." Louis says.

Louis' POV....

She smelt so good

Zayns POV....

They are all sweet lets see what they would taste like.

Niall's POV....

That Bethany girl is cute but I wanna taste her.

Harry's POV....

Yum dinner is serve.

Liam's POV....

Riley is gorgeous.

Bethany's POV....

Niall's a cutie

Hannah's POV....

I wanna go home they are freaking me out!

Riley's POV....

My phone rings and I saw it was my mum.

"Guys I gotta take this be right back."

And I go into a different room,

"Hello? Riley?!?"

"Yes mum?"

"Come home now!"

"Why? Nothing is happening."

"Let me speak to Hannah."

"Okay Han-"

And soon as I walked back no one was their everyone was gone. I drop my phone leaving my mum yelling my name. And I run outside and I see a couple and I say,

"Have you guys seen two girls one with brown short hair blue eyes 5ft7 and the other with grey sliver long hair about 5ft5!"

And they both shake their heads no and I run hen I hear screams then,


It was Bethany! I ran to the screaming and they where in a alley and I stopped and saw Hannah on the floor dead with blood everywhere,

"Your sister was tasty lets see if you're the same."

Liam says.


And they grab her and Niall sucks her neck and I had tears in my eyes then they dropped Bethany and Harry says.

"You guys hear that?"

"I smell something."

Zayn says and turns around and then I reach in my pocket and find nothing. FUCK I dropped my phone. So I run. I run so hard I could feel my feet. I'm a very fast runner. I was on track team for junior high and high school and won ALL my games and I was on cross country.

Liam's grabs my arm and throws me down an says. "What a stupid fool tries to outrun us."

I get up and go left but Niall is there then I go right and Zayn is there then I go back and Louis is there.


"Can't we try you first?" Harry says.

"YOU FUCKING KILLED MY SISTERS!" I scream in his face.

Then the tears started to fall more and Niall laughs and says. "Want your sisters. Their dead. All gone!"

Then Louis chokes me and pulls me close to him and I say.

"Go ahead bite me. I bet it will make you feel better to see someone die. I thought I was gonna live my life to the fullest but I guess I can't. But go ahead."

And he just lets me go.

"Louis what are you doing kill her!" Zayn yells.

"I will." Liam says but before he does I kick his manhood and make a run for it and I look back and they are all gone then I turn my head forward and black out.

Liam's POV....

After Harry hit her in the face I said. "We aren't killing her."

"What!!" Niall says.

My eyes goes back to brown and I said. "Zayn go to her house and grab all of her clothes and toothbrush. And hair stuff."

And Zayn zooms away. And then I pick her up and me, Harry, Niall, and Louis run back to our house deep in the forest and I look down at her and feel so bad for what I've done. I've killed her only siblings. Now she's gonna hate us when she wakes up hopefully she will forget. We make it to the house and I go up to my room and set her down then her head starts bleeding. And now I have a headache.

I clean her up and then Zayn knocks on the door. "Bro. I got her clothes."

I open it and take it from him and say. "Thanks."

I grab a white Jersey and some girls plaid shorts and I close my eyes and change her clothes and I got them correct. Then I put her in the bed and cover her up an kiss her head.

I turn the lights off and go downstairs and Zayn says. "I hate being who I am."

"Me two." I say and Zayn went upstairs.

"Liam is there anyway we could be... Both?" Louis says.

"Yeah if we fall in love. And when I mean love I mean getting married. But I have a spell cast on me I only have a year to fall in love. Or... I die. And the girl has to say I Love You and truly mean it." I say.

"Oh. Well... I wish Eleanor was with me."

And Louis goes upstairs.

"Poor guy. It wasn't his fault though. He couldn't handle it like me. I'm a new born I can't handle it when blood comes out." Niall says.

"Yeah Niall, I bit you a month ago it's gonna take a year for you Niall." I say.

"But Liam... Did you fully suck Bethany's blood?" He says.

"I think I didn't... We can go check tomorrow." I say looking at him.

"Okay well I'm going to bed. Night buddy."

"Night." I say and he walks upstairs.

They can sleep I can't. I've never slept ever since we've been in vampire war. The head of the vampires want us dead. They are hunting and I gotta protect all the guys. So I've never gone to sleep. EVER, and I never will. But hopefully Riley will forget because I like her and hopefully she'll forgive me and noticed that we can't handle it when we have to much or if we are starving. I hope. I just hope.

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