If You Could See Me now (16+)

Maria used to live in Mullingar. She was best friends with Niall Horan. They were both so innocent. When she was sixteen, her family had a fight and her mother brought her down to Kerry. After three years, she changed so much that she was almost unrecognisable.


1. Prologue

 "I'll miss you so much, Maria," Niall whispered. "You're my best friend."

 "Don't," I sobbed. "I don't want to go. Run away with me?" I looked at him. His face was red and swollen from crying, but he was still beautiful.

 "You know we can't. I'll text you every day. All day, every day. Never forget me."

 "I won't if you won't," I promised. Too bad that promises are made only to be broken.

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