Kill to live, or live to be killed

I looked in his eyes as he changed i knew it had to happen but i couldnt bear to do it.


1. About the Charecters.

Vanessa ( goes by Vinny) is a 17 year old girl who has a little brother jake who is 15, there dad was is in the army he trains the men to fight, and now works with the government and trains the Marines and others                    to be Professional killers. He has trained Vanessa, Jake and her best friend Lindsey to use weapons and kill. Lindsey is also 17 and her dad works with Vinnys dad, there dads are best friends, Lindsey and Vinny have been friends since they were babies, they have became way closer 2 years ago when their moms were on the way to the mall and got hit by a Semi-truck and died on the spot, lindsey is highly trained too. Lindsey is a only child, Vinny and lindsey are the "Popular kids" at school, they live in the rich neighborhood, they live across the street from eachother, Vinny has been dating her boyfriend Ryan for now 2 months, and Lindsey is dating Alex (Ryans best friend) for now 6 monthes. Ryan and Alex are both the "Popular guys" at school and they are funny,sweet,caring. Ryan in the Quarter back, and Alex is the Running-back. (Vanessa is the picture on the very top her boyfriend Ryan is under her)

 This is Alex----------------------v 

This is Lindsey-------------------------------------^

This is jake-------------------------------------^

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