Redemption: A Batman Fanfiction

(Takes place 15 years after the events of Arkham City)
Fourteen-year-old Jess Ter Quinn Niche is leading a double life, carrying on the crime reign of her parents and saving Gotham citizens from muggings and robberies. Lately, however, she has been getting anonymous tips from some person called "K"...


4. Coleman's Story- Entry Two

**3:50 AM**

While Jess slept, a shadowed figure wished he could do the same. Cursed with insomnia since that fateful night his mother died at the hands of the nightmare "Victor Zsasz," he paced his high rise office at the top of Chad Weapons And Armour Corps HQ. From his window he had a full view of downtown Gotham, but it wasn't the living city below him that caught his eyes, it was the dead memories within.


He remembered the city of nightmares. Arkham City. Existing somewhere between his feverish dreams and the blinding reality, it remained. He had walked through it's remains many times, the rusting fences and battered doors, trying to piece together what was real and what was unreality. It drove him near madness, working out what were memories, and what was his imagination. Some say it it really did drive him mad, but they were wrong. The doctors were wrong. It was the world that was mad, not him. He simply saw the nightmares as they really were. Demons, sent to destroy the minds of men. He could not stop them, no one could. No more than they could stop the evil that wormed its way into his childhood home all those years ago, while he was being beaten and bruised at school, and took his sweet mother away.


They were the reason she died. Those "bullies" who had made him suffer while his mother bled out at the hands of that monster, only so Zsasz could achieve that precious "final scar." The scar had truly been his last, as, having immortalised his mother's death unto his body, like he had so many times before, he too, bled to death. Coleman often wondered if the months that followed that event, were too, just dreams, as his mother would have him believe. But the feeling was real, the pain he felt in mourning was real.


A month after he had recovered from the death, he was back to the same old "Gotham High."  But before he walked his way to the frosted bus stop that morning, and made his way to school, he made sure to pack his mother's carving knife, so he could make the pain real for the bullies too...


After that they sent him to the Asylum. There he saw nightmares everywhere. their voices seeped through the walls, whispering lies and threats as he fervently tried to block them out. They shoved him in the lunch queue, yelling names and calling out, and hurt him when he tried to stop them, breaking his body and mind.


That's when he learned to control them, learned to control himself. Through bribery, blackmail and threats he learnt to control the "Inmates," and through lies and smiles he learnt to control the psychologists. Within the month, the inmates were afraid of him, and within the year, he had been released. 


He often visited the Asylum too, and watched it from a distance. But only one nightmare remained there now, and it's sleeping daughter too.

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