Redemption: A Batman Fanfiction

(Takes place 15 years after the events of Arkham City)
Fourteen-year-old Jess Ter Quinn Niche is leading a double life, carrying on the crime reign of her parents and saving Gotham citizens from muggings and robberies. Lately, however, she has been getting anonymous tips from some person called "K"...


6. Coleman's Story- Entry Three

He slinked between between his shadowed surroundings, undetected by his target. he had been tailing her for three blocks now, collecting information, working her into his plots. So far, he could find as many reasons to kill her now, and be done with it, as he could reasons to keep her alive. On one hand, if the rumors were true, and J was still alive, then he could use her to get to him, to get to his power. Laughable as he was, J had caused more chaos to the city of nightmares than all the thugs, crazies, and soldiers combined. But Harley seemed a little too... Volatile, for his liking. And he certainly didn't like her connections with the so called "Blackbird."


He knew well enough what a vengeful thoughts could grow in the mind of one who had lost a parent. He himself had thrown his father out out of the window of his office on the eve of his 20th birthday, and that was purely because he had abandoned his mother in Arkham. Heaven knows what he would've done if he had caught that worm Zsasz before he died, and what Jess would do, or try to do, if he took her mother away. It'd be a shame to have to kill Jess too.


But he had contacts, people who could make things just "go away." Why, Gotham City's own secretary of state was in the palm of his hand. In the eves of the law, Kaos could erase Harleen Quinzel off the face of the earth in, well, about six minutes. Too bad memories couldn't be erased as easily. No, that was more expensive. He had decided. He would leave the this insufferable nightmare alive for the time being, at least until he had more information on the Clown Prince's location.


But just as he turned to walk into the night, he felt a sharp fingernail tap him on the shoulder.

"Hey, creep, why don't I put a smile on that face a' yours?" Said Quinn, popping the cap on the Joker Toxin.


Ah well, he would have to go with the messy option. He fumbled with the Toxin antidote pill he had hidden at the back of his mouth, popped the cap in his teeth, inwardly cursing his luck as he did so. Those pills cost money, and he'd owed Dr Crane a favour for lending him the ingredients to make it.


At least he would enjoy this next part...

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