Out of Bounds

Zoey is starting university in New York with her best friends Lilly and Autumn. They all got scholarships to Juilliard. They have been best friends since grade school. Lilly and Autumn both have had boyfriends since grade 11 and Zoey is still single. Will she find true love in college? Or will she suffer from heartbreak?


9. Chapter 9

Camron's P.O.V

I open my eyes the light shinning in from the curtains "Fuck" there's a brunette sprawled across me. I try to remember last night. Fuck. I remember drinking a lot and passing around a joint a few times. I don't remember when she came in. Fuck, I look at the clock and it's 3. "Fuck" I gather my shit and head home. Fuck going to class. I groan when the light hits my eyes and put my sunglasses on. I have no idea where I am. "Fuck" I flag down a cab twirling my lip ring in between my fingers. I climb in the cab and give him the address to my dorm. It takes me an hour to get there. Fucking New York traffic. I walk into my dorm room. Pulling my phone out of my pocket and plugging it into the charger. I try to turn it on but it's dead. I fucking hate iPhone batteries. I kick around the dirty clothes on my floor in search of a clean pair of black jeans. Fuck it. I strip to my boxers and climb into bed tossing my sunglasses on the night stand. I run my fingers through my hair. Roll over and pass out.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU SHIT!" The fat scary man yells at me. "Go Camron." Sissy tells me. "No let him stay and watch he should learn." the man says to me giving me a scary smile. He touches Ally and she screams "Stop it, don't hurt my sister." I yell at the man and run over to him and start punching and hitting him as hard as I can. "No one hurts my sister!" I yell at the man. "Fuck off!" He yells at me and pushes me hard and I fall into the coffee glass table. "No, Camron!" Ally yells at me trying to push the fat man off of her and reaching out to me. I feel really dizzy like Sissy just spun me around too many times. Ally keeps screaming and crying. I try to get up and yell at the man again but I'm too tired, I can't move. "Ally" I try to yell but my voice is gone. Where's Daddy? Why isn't he here and trying to help me and Sissy? I hear Ally scream again "Ally, I'm sorry. I love you" I say before I fall asleep.

I sit up screaming Ally's name. I wipe my clammy hand across my sweaty forehead. "Fuck" I yell. I thought they were gone. I thought I was done with these fucking nightmares. My blood boiling I don't know what the fuck I'm going to do. I grab the light on the night stand and throw it against the wall. I walk over to my dresser and push everything on it on the ground, making sure all it's contents are smashed on the floor. I push the dresser to the floor snapping a few drawer. Grabbing the blanket off my bed and throwing it to the growing pile of shit. I grab the 4 pillows off of my queen size bed and tear them to pieces, kicking at the feathers that fall to the ground. I grab the nightstand but stop when I notice my phone vibrating and Zoey's name at the top of the screen. "Oh fuck." I say to myself running my fingers through my hair and scratching the back of my neck. I take an angry breath trying to calm myself. I touch the screen ending the call. I can't fucking talk to her right now. I want to, but I can't. I let out an angry grunt and look back to my phone, unlocking it to see several texts from Zoey. "Hey" "where are you?" "Why aren't you in class?" "Are you ok?" "Hello?" All about 10 minutes apart. I'm such a fuck up. I let out one last angry breath, trying to ignore the nagging thoughts at the back of my mind and dial Zoey's number. It goes to voicemail and I hang up before I would have to record a message. What the fuck? Did her phone die in the last 5 minutes or some shit? I call again. It rings and rings and I hang up. What the fuck? I call one last time, why the fuck am I calling so many times? Because you are worried about her. I try to ignore the thought that crosses my mind, because I know it's true. But I can't do shit. The phone rings and I'm just about to end the call when I hear Lilly's voice in the speaker "hey, Camron?" She asked worried "well no shit." I say rudely. "Camron..." She says in between a sob. "What the fuck is going on Lilly?" I ask getting frustrated and worried. "Why are you in Zo's phone? Where the fuck is Zoey?" I find myself saying. "Zoey fell and hit her head on the concrete when we were walking to Starbucks, Autumn and I are in the ambulance with her on the way to the hospital. She's unconscious and I don't know why I called you but I just, I just... Thought you would want to know." She says. I hang up the phone not responding."Fuck!" I yell, what am I going to do? I walk to the pile of shit I just made minutes ago trying to find some clean clothes. I pull on black skinny jeans that I'm not really sure if they are clean or not and shrug on a black hoodie, fuck a shirt. I unplug my phone and pull on my boots and rush out the door.

Zoey's P.O.V.

"Ryan, why are you doing this?" I ask in a little voice "You really believed that I loved you?" He laughs taking another puff of the cigarette he holds in his hand. The smoke making my eyes water and bringing back memories of my father. "I guess I'm a better actor than you" he spits. I can't move, I knew I shouldn't have taken that drink from Lucas, his little annoying friend. He put something in my drink and I can't move and can barley speak. I feel tried but I can't sleep. I can feel everything I just can't move or say anything. Ryan claims me first, thrusting into me hard and fast. Tears threaten in the corner of my eyes and I think I scream but I don't know if anyone herd it. He comes into me and lays ontop of me, until one of his friends pushes him off and ripping him out of me. Ahh! His three other friends have a turn with me. One taking me from the front, the other from the back and the last claiming my mouth. All thrusting at different paces. I can hear Ryan's laughter as he takes a swig of his beer spilling half of it on his shirt. He pulls out his phone still laughing and I think he's video taping but I'm not sure. I lay there alone once they leave, I don't know how long I laid there until I feel asleep.

I open my eyes and I'm in a familiar house, laying on a hard wood floor, looking up into the deep grey of my fathers eyes. "Get up you fucking bitch or I will fuck you!" He shouts he has said that to me many times I try to stand up tears falling down my cheeks. I try so hard knowing what's about to come I have to stop it. But I can't. I stand up but I'm hungry. Tired. Weak. And I fall back to the floor hard my head bouncing off of it. My father takes a final swig of his beer and walks up to me, claiming my body as his own.

These scenes repeat over and over again and I can't stop them, can scream, can't do anything. I can't feel or hear anything other than whatever is happening in my nightmares.

Autumn's P.O.V

We are still in the ambulance, God damn New York traffic. Lilly and I have already called Jake and Liam, they are going to meet us at the hospital. Lilly is on the phone with Camron, she pulls the phone from her ear checking the screen and saying "Well fuck you too." She says into the phone. I look at her giving her a questioning look she just shrugs and shakes her head. Our poor Zoey. We have no idea what happened. One minute we were waking into Starbucks talking about Camron and Zoey's "relationship" and the next she was hitting her head on the concrete. Lilly and I think her anxiety got really bad again. Z asks herself a bunch of questions that make her worry and she can't stop them and she doesn't know why she's asking herself questions. I look over to Lilly wiping tears off my face as she does the same. We watch as Z's body shakes and tears roll down her face. Lilly and I look at each other both knowing what's going on. She is going through her nightmares. Z only ever told us once what happened with her father. But with Ryan I didn't even see that coming but Lilly knew all along that Ryan was a shitty mother fucking douche bag. The video Ryan took was on the Internet but the police department took it down and shut down all sources, we don't know what happened to Ryan and his shit face friends. Lilly and I have both tried to forget that night, I was the one to find Z laying on the bed half asleep. I called Lilly right away and we got her dressed and to the hospital. She was hospitalized for 3 weeks. She saw a therapist only twice. She couldn't deal with it. We helped her get through it but the only thing that stayed were her nightmares and we couldn't help her with that, the only thing we could do was comfort her when she woke up. Poor Zoey. My eyes water again as tears spill out of my eyes and down my cheeks uncontrollably, the taste of salt water on my lips. I wipe my eyes again.

We finally arrive at the hospital. Zoey is rushed to get X-rays and C.T. Scans to see if her brain was injured. Lilly and I waited in the waiting area for her results. We watch Jake and Liam walk to the secretary desk. We stand up to meet them. Liam sees me and wraps his arms around me and I silently cry into his shoulder. Inhaling his sweet scent that I love, I pull away and he wipes the tears steaming down my face and kisses me. I put my hands to his face and kiss him harder "I love you" I whisper pulling away "I love you too" he says giving me one tight squeeze. "How's Zoey?" Liam asks I shrug "we came in and she was rolled away on a stretcher for them to run some tests on her." I saw chocking on my tears.

The doctor comes out and Lilly and I stand up walking over to meet him. "How is she?" Lilly and I say at the same time. "She is in a coma and is constantly shaking and crying. Her brain didn't show anything but she broke her arm and her ankle. She is already casted. She's in room 261. You can go visit her whenever you would like." He says calmly. "Thank you Doctor." We say waving for Jake and Liam to follow. But when we turn around both Lilly's and my jaw drop. "Holy shit." I hear myself saying. Camron, is here. We look at each other and walk over to Camron.

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