Out of Bounds

Zoey is starting university in New York with her best friends Lilly and Autumn. They all got scholarships to Juilliard. They have been best friends since grade school. Lilly and Autumn both have had boyfriends since grade 11 and Zoey is still single. Will she find true love in college? Or will she suffer from heartbreak?


7. Chapter 7

Zoey's P.O.V.

I walk into the kitchen everyone very cautious around me they all say a quick hi. They try to get my mind off of my nightmare bringing up Cam, it makes me smile and blush "He just stayed over, it's not like anything happened." I whisper, but my mind wanders back to the nightmare. Lilly catches my change in mood right away, I can tell by the worried look in her eyes but it's quickly gone as she continues making dinner. It feels like the world is continuing without me. I'm just frozen as time goes by. I don't talk as everyone digs into our favourite meal but I just pick at it. "Come one Z, you need to eat something." Autumn says watching me push around my food I shake my head "No, I'm not hungry. I'm just going to go watch a movie." I say picking up my plate and throwing it in the garbage not even thinking. I let out an angry grunt "Z, just leave it. Do you want to watch a movie when we are finished eating?" Lilly asks, I shrug and shuffle down the hallway to my room. I take a deep breath grabbing my mac and logging into Facebook. I scroll through my news feed, biting my nails. When suddenly in the left corner it starts blinking orange making a 'Beop, beop' I look over to see who messaged me. I read the name over 5 times, in little black letters it says Camron's name. King Douche is starting a conversation with me on Facebook? What? I open up the messenger and read his message "Hey, I tried calling you earlier to see if you wanted to go get some coffee and some fresh air to help that hangover but you didn't answer... I figured you were sleeping but it's been awhile.." I sit there with my mouth open, he called me! Holy crap, he tried to call me wanting to hangout with me. I gather myself closing my mouth and typing a reply "hey, sorry I was asleep and I must have misplaced my phone. I'm just going to stay in and watch a movie, you want to come over and watch it with me?" I take a shaky breath and press send, worried about his reply. I watch anxiously as the faint 'read' appears underneath my message, I watch as he types then deletes it. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. When I open my eyes he has replied, I read it smiling and blushing "Sure, that would be cool. I'll be over in 10." I notice that he's now logged off. I close the lid of my mac and head into the bathroom applying light eyeliner and mascara and brushing my teeth. My hair is still damp from the shower so I try and brush through the curls making it wavy. I hear a knock at the door and a chair being scraped against the floor. I hear the door open and mumbles, I quickly drag the brush through my hair. "Zoey, um.. Someone's at the door for you" I hear Lilly say I can tell she's smiling. I walk to the door and Cam is standing there taking off his boots, he stands up and smirks at me. My heart sinks he's so... Perfect. His hair is messy under his hood (like always) and he has his sunglasses tucked into his shirt. I smile at him "Hi" I say he nods in reply gazing deep into my grey eyes. I take his hand leading him to my room "We are going to watch a movie" I state. Everyone giggles "sure" Autumn says winking at me "Have fun" Lily says giving me an encouraging smile. I roll my eyes at them, giving them the finger before I close the door. I turn so I'm facing Cam "Sorry about that it's ah, been a crazy evening." I say quietly Cam shrugs "I'm ugh sorry about this afternoon, I just, I didn't..." He closes his eyes "fuck" he says quietly putting both his hands behind back of his neck, he tries to say something put I put my finger to his lips hating how much pain he is in trying to tell me what is on his mind. "Shh Cam it's ok, you don't have to explain yourself to me.. I understand, I forgive you." I reply tempted to press my lips to his, but control myself. Relief flashes through his eyes and I give him a shy smile as he wraps his arms around my waist. I take a deep calming breath trying to let the nightmare find a way out of my head just thinking of Cam and his smooth, soft lips pressed against mine. I hug him tightly and pull away too soon. I grab my Mac and hook it up to my flat screen tv. "What movie you want to watch?" I ask Cam looking up at him. He shrugs laying on the bed with his hands behind his head clearly making himself at home. "Anything funny" he says and I nod my head and open up my favourite movie 'Billy Madison'. I walk over to my bed and lay down beside Cam. I can see him out of the corner of my eye, he's watching me laugh, smile and blush smiling or laughing with me.

When the movie finishes I sit up stretching and still laughing "I love that movie" I say smiling at Cam. He returns the smile then quickly looks back to the tv "I can tell" he says chuckling I roll my eyes biting my lip, I look down at my hands I have no idea what to say, I don't want him to leave. I want him to stay with me so the nightmares stay away, but I'm afraid he will eventually want to... SLEEP with me. The next person I will be having sex with will be the person I love and I can trust with anything and everything. I shiver as the horrible nightmare comes creeping back, and the memory of the two guys that ruined my life. Ryan my ex boyfriend, I thought he loved me but I was wrong, so wrong. I shake my head Zoey stop thinking about this, I almost forgot that Camron was here. I warily glance at him and I regret it as soon as I see him looking at the few unwanted tears streaming down my cheeks. "Zo, are you ok?" He asks brushing away my tears and caressing my cheek I lean into his hand. I nod, taking a deep breath "Yeah, I'm fine. Just been having a rough night." I say "I'm glad you came over" I whisper, he smiles down at me and lightly presses his lips to my cheek removing his hand. I sit up on my knees holding his face in between my hands and press my lips to his. He gently places his hands on my hips slowly pushing me onto my back. His tongue traces my bottom lip begging for an entrance and our tongues intertwine, dancing around as our lips move in sync. I swirl my tongue around his lip ring. He gently bites down on my bottom lip, I moan into his mouth running my fingers through his hair. The kiss gets more intense by the second, I pull away and sit in silence the only sound is our ragged breath. I lay on my back with Cam hovering over me, staring into his eyes, I don't know how much time passes. Seconds, minutes, hours. But suddenly my nightmare had to come back to haunt me, I shut my eyes trying to get rid of it. Cams sits back and pulls me into his lap as I cry silently into my hands. "Zo, what's wrong? Please stop crying" I take a deep breath, inhaling his soothing voice and exhaling the awful memory. He pulls my hands away from my face and wipes my running mascara and fallen tears away. Brushing his lips against my cheek. "I'm fine." I say sitting up straight and removing myself from his arms. He stands up from the bed shrugging "Well I guess I should get going, and ugh I'll see you Monday in class or whatever." He says pulling his hood over his head, my heart drops I don't want him to leave well at least not yet. I still want him here with me, and I need him to help keep the nightmares away. "No, you don't have to go. Please...stay."I say quietly as tears threaten in the corner of my eyes. He shakes his head walking over to the door "Cam, please... You can stay?" I ask, god Zoey stop sounding so desperate. But you are desperate, you need him to help the nightmares stay away. My subconscious snaps at me. I scowl her. Keeping my eyes on Cam. "I'm sorry, I can't.. do this..." He says then opens the door and leaves me to cry. Alone. Again. Shit. Idiot. I cover my face with my hands and pull the covers over my head and cry until I eventually fall asleep, reminding me of the days when I was a child as the nightmare takes over my body again.

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