Out of Bounds

Zoey is starting university in New York with her best friends Lilly and Autumn. They all got scholarships to Juilliard. They have been best friends since grade school. Lilly and Autumn both have had boyfriends since grade 11 and Zoey is still single. Will she find true love in college? Or will she suffer from heartbreak?


6. Chapter 6

Zoey's P.O.V.

I'm 9 years old laying on the hard wood floor looking up at my father asleep in his lazy boy. I sit up and examine my surroundings. I'm in my house, my wrists are tied to a chain my dad has in his strong grip. I wipe the back of my hand across my cheeks wiping away fresh tears that have just started falling down my face. I try to escape and pull my wrist out of the chains but I just end up waking up my dad. "What the fuck you think you're doing, you little bitch?" He yells standing up and pulling on the chains, I cry out in pain and try to pull away but I'm too weak. He slaps me hard across the cheek it stings but I will not cry in front of him. He drags me closer and closer to him until I can smell the brandy and cigarette smoke on his breath I turn my face, fighting back tears. "How many times do I have to tell you to stop trying to escape?! When will you ever listen to me!?" He yells in my face and slaps me hard against my cheek again. He throws me to my corner on the hard wood floor and ties the chains to something then stumbles off to his bedroom. I cry myself to sleep rubbing my cheek. This is normally how my nights go. My father gets drunk and beats me then goes to sleep as I just lay here on the hard floor, starving and crying myself to sleep. I usually dream of my mom. My mom died when I was 6 from cancer. She was my everything. She fed me and kept me healthy. Took me to school everyday. Laughed with me and took me to the park. Gave me hugs and loved me. "WAKE UP YOU BITCH!" My father yells at me bringing me back to reality. I rub my eyes "Now go make me a sandwich!" He commands with a cigarette between his teeth. I just sit there to weak to move. "Now what did I tell you about disobeying me?" He asks smirking and taking a sip of his beer but I can't move I'm too tired and too weak. "Get up you fucking bitch or I will fuck you!" He shouts he has said that to me many times I try to stand up tears falling down my cheeks. I stand up but I'm hungry. Tired. Weak. And I fall back to the floor hard my head bouncing off of it. My father takes a final swig of his beer and walks up to me, claiming my body as his own.

Lilly's P.O.V

"AHHHHH!" I hear someone scream, I jump from the bed realizing it's Zoey. She's tossing and turning on the bed and I quickly pin her to it so she wouldn't hurt herself. "Z! Wake up! ZOEY!" She's still screaming when she opens her eyes. Tears were already streaming down her face, I bundled her up and took her into my lap. Rocking her. "You okay Z?" She didn't say anything, just snuggled into me and cried. My poor girl. "It's okay Z, It's okay..." After a while the sobbing stopped and she wiped her eyes. "You okay?" She just nodded, avoiding eye contact. "Babe, it's okay... Your dad's not here. He's not here Z, just deep breaths." I whisper in a soothing tone. Used to her gruesome nightmares and panic attacks. She told us once, but never again. I can't even imagine what she went through as a child. She wiped her eyes then scraped her hair from her face, got up and went to go shower. Normal routine. I went into the kitchen noticing the few dirty dishes. Did she have company over? I can't remember. Autumn trudged out of her room, "Hey, is she okay?" Nodding towards the bathroom. I just nodded putting water in the sink to wash the dishes. Jake strolled out of his room His sweat pants just staying on his hips, his smooth stomach except for his treasure trail, his black hair is ruffled and he scratches his side as he comes up and hugs me from behind. Ah Jake. My sweet loving guy, vicious, sweet and smart. I felt bad that Zoey hadn't found someone like Jake, but maybe Cam wouldn't be that bad. Jake and Autumn chat as I mosey about the kitchen wiping counters and getting ingredients for dinner. "What are we having? I'm starved!" Liam whines as he waltz into the kitchen wearing a wife beater top and boxers. I always laughed at his choice of bed attire. "Rotisserie chicken." I wink knowing that this is the whole houses favourite dish. After I've prepared and soft conversation continued, Z walked into the kitchen. No one stared just said 'Hi' and continued. I shared a look with her and she just nodded, I turn the kettle on for her regular tea. "So, Z.... How are things with Cam? I'm pretty sure I heard him this morning." Liam winks and we all chuckle as Z turns bright red. "He just stayed over, it's not like anything happened." She whispered, embarrassed. We all just laugh as the world continues, but there is still that look in Zoeys eyes, and I know, This nightmare was worse.

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