Out of Bounds

Zoey is starting university in New York with her best friends Lilly and Autumn. They all got scholarships to Juilliard. They have been best friends since grade school. Lilly and Autumn both have had boyfriends since grade 11 and Zoey is still single. Will she find true love in college? Or will she suffer from heartbreak?


5. Chapter 5

Zoey's P.O.V.

I wake up too hot and my head fuzzy and pounding. I groan and stretch then open my eyes to see a dark haired boy laying on my chest. What the heck did I do? I glance at myself noticing that I'm wearing a familiar sweater. I can't resist any longer as I run my fingers through this strangers hair. He groans and moves so his head is back on the pillow but still has a strong arm wrapped around my waist. Holy shit! I trace my fingers along the perfect jawline that belongs to Camron. Did we like... Sleep together? My head is still fuzzy but faint memories come back from the club. Drinking, dancing, jerk waiter, me being drunk, Camron saving me but that's it. I can't remember anything else. I continue tracing my fingers down his arm. Damn, he's gorgeous. I can't believe that Camron the bad ass, is sleeping in MY bed with ME. His eyes flutter open and he smiles down at me as he comes to consciousness. "Oh shit." He says taking his arm away from me and practically throwing himself out of the bed. "Jesus Cam, what is wrong with you?" I say panicking, is he okay? "I didn't fucking do anything I swear I just- wait what did you just call me?" He says resting his head against my bedroom wall standing in his boxers and black t-shirt. I shrug "I called you Cam.. Is that a problem?" I ask confusion clear in my voice. He shakes his head quickly "No.. just no one has ever called me that." He replies looking slightly uncomfortable. I change the subject "Thank you for taking me home." I say shyly looking at my intwined hands blushing. "Don't mention it." He snaps back. Okay that was weird. "I'll go get you some Advil, you need more sleep. I, ugh. I'll be right back" he says running his fingers through his hair and walking out the door. I flop down on my bed "Holy shit. Camron is in my house, in my bedroom, in my bed." I say to myself smiling. I quickly shake my head, no I can't be with Camron it will effect my only chance of fulfilling my dream of becoming a professional actress. Camron comes back in my room and closes the door behind him . He hands me a glass of water and 2 Advil's, I quickly swallow the pills and finish my glass of water and put it on my purple night stand. "Thank you" I say quickly glancing up at him then back at my hands. "You need more sleep or your headache isn't going to get better." He says as he pulls on his jeans. But there's a deep part in me that doesn't want him to go, that was the first time since I was a kid that I slept the whole night without waking up from a nightmare. It could have been the alcohol but I have a feeling that Camron had something to do with it. "Ugh, Cam.. Do you um, think you could come lay with me again, so I can um fall asleep." I say not once glancing back at him. He takes a while to answer and I'm scared for some strange reason, thinking he doesn't want to stay with me. I hear him sigh in defeat as he drops his pants to the ground and climbs into the bed and lays on the pillows. "Come. Sleep." He commands, and me being too tired to argue, call him rude or say something sarcastic, lay on my side facing him, admiring every feature on his face in silence. "What are you doing?" He asks I shrug "Nothing" I say blushing "Go to sleep" he says as he turns me around and starts spooning me. I intertwine my hand with his and drift off as his thumb rubs soothing circles on my hand.

I wake again wrapped in Cam's arms and legs, I glance at my clock its 1:00. I slowly unwrap myself from Cam and head to the bathroom. I look at myself in the mirror, I'm wearing Cam's sweater that's so big on me that it hangs off my left shoulder and I'm also wearing the leggings I wore last night. I brush my teeth hoping to get the alcohol off of my breath, then tip-toe back to my bedroom. Camron is still asleep on my bed, I grab a pair of my comfy shorts and peel off my leggings throwing them in my laundry basket. I hear a stir from the bed and I freeze standing there in my white lacy panties. He groans and I watch as he moves his arm around the empty place where I was just laying, searching for me. He sits up panicking "Zoey?!" He yells. I just stand there frozen, in my panties and his sweater holding my shorts. Shit. He sees me and his eyes go wide, he turns around saying "Shit. Fuck. Ugh, sorry." I hear the hint of a smile in his voice and blush crimson as I pull my shorts on. "Would you like to stay for breakfast, well brunch?" I ask trying to make it less awkward. He shrugs as I walk out of my room to start cooking. I make bacon, eggs, and pancakes. I take two plates out for Cam and I. I watch as Cam walks out of my room, he has put on his jeans and he's leaning against the wall watching my every move. We sit at the island and eat in silence . "This is fucking good, you are a good cook" he compliments taking me by surprise, I flush swallowing my mouthful of eggs "Thanks but Lilly is a much better cook than me." I say giggling "Well you are a better than me, I don't cook shit." He says smirking at me. We finish eating and I put the plates in the dishwasher. Camron shoves his hands in his pockets "I'm gonna get going." He says I shrug and follow him to the front door. "Thanks again for helping me out." I say smiling at him. He opens the door and turns around to face me shrugging. I look at his full perfect lips, I go up on my tip-toes and he meets me half way one arm wrapping around my waist as the other one caresses one side of my face. His lips feel so soft against mine his lip ring sliding along my lips, as they move in sync, he moans into my mouth before he pulls away. Whoa. "I'm sorry" he says I shrug and cup his face and press my lips lightly to his once more. He pulls out of my grip shaking his head "Please don't. You can't... We can't..." He says searching for the right words to say. But I already know he's trying to find a nice way to reject me, but Camron being nice? Weird. He shakes his head and grips the back of his neck, letting out an angry grunt, then turns and leaves. I glance down at myself trying to keep myself from crying as my eyes fill with tears. I notice I'm still wearing his sweatshirt then quickly run to my room take off his sweatshirt and put a tank top on. Tucking my phone in my bra as I fling myself out the door and run in the direction he walked in. "Cam!" I call catching a glimpse of his dark hair and broad shoulders with his black t-shirt and jeans. He turns around and I stop in front of him. Trying to catch my breath I hand him his sweater he shakes his head "What the hell are you doing out here? It's freezing and your in shorts and a tank top" he yells at me "I just wanted to give you your sweater back" I yell back at him. He rolls his eyes and runs his fingers through his hair clearly frustrated. "Zo, you could have just gave it to me in class, seriously use your head." I smile at the nickname he's given me, no one has ever called me Zo, it was either Zoey or Z. I shrug my shoulders and hand him his sweater. He shakes his head drapes it around my shoulders and I catch him glance at my cleavage, which reminds me of why I brought my phone. "Cam, do you think I could have your number, just in-case I get into that crappy situation again?" I ask shyly but trying to make a joke out of it. He shrugs and rolls his eyes as he pulls his phone out of his pocket. I smile and take mine out of my cleavage and give it to him. We put in each other's numbers and return the phones, his fingers brushing against the palm of my hand leaving a trail of warm tingles in the exact spot where his fingers touched. "Thanks" I say smiling at him. "Fuck, stop thanking me!" He exclaims and walks away. I stand there for a minute grinning like an idiot. What have I gotten myself into? I pull Cam's sweater over my head and walk back to my apartment. I shuffle along the carpet in my room trying to get my feet warm then crawl into my bed with my Wuthering Heights novel and pull the covers over me. When I have finished reading about 4 chapters I decide to go find Autumn and Lilly and see if they want to go see a movie. I barry my face in Cam's sweater loving its sweet, sexy scent as I stand up and walk out of my room in search for my friends. I knock on Autumn's door first and there's some shuffling and the door opens. Autumn's hair is all over the place and she looks extremely hungover. Well screw the movie idea. "Hey, Autumn I was thinking about running out to Starbucks you want anything?" I ask as Autumn rubs her eyes and yawns "Can you just get me a glass of water and some Advil please?" She mumbles I nod my head and get her what she asks for. She mutters something I honestly didn't understand and closes the door. I knock on Lilly's door but no one answers, I shrug walking back to my room they must be sleeping still. I grab my mac and lay back in my bed and start watching 'Warm Bodies', thinking of everything that happened today. I kissed Camron and he kissed me back. Wow. If that's not an accomplishment I don't know what is. I smile remembering the warm tingling feeling of his lips against mine. I want to text him but I'm afraid he will just think I'm desperate and he said that we can't be together. But he gave me his number? Why is he always so worried about me? Why did he help me last night at the club and tell the waiter that we were dating? Why did he stay with me all night and all morning? Why is this so confusing? Why do I keep asking myself so many questions? I take a deep breath and clear my mind and give all of my attention to the hot zombie named R and the girl named Julie. Thinking of Romeo and Juliette, and Cam and me, I fall asleep thinking of these things as a once wonderful dream starts but ends very quickly...

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