Out of Bounds

Zoey is starting university in New York with her best friends Lilly and Autumn. They all got scholarships to Juilliard. They have been best friends since grade school. Lilly and Autumn both have had boyfriends since grade 11 and Zoey is still single. Will she find true love in college? Or will she suffer from heartbreak?


2. Chapter 2

Zoey's P.O.V.

As we head to our class we find Autumn next  to the entrance of the door with Liam. Lilly and I wave at Liam as he nods and smirks at us then gives Autumn a quick kiss and heads to the cafeteria. "Where were you last night Autumn? We were waiting for you I thought we were having a movie night?" Lilly asked grinning at Autumn, she blushes "Lilly where were you last night I thought we were gonna get drunk and watch some sappy movie, but no Jake came over and I could hear you over my headphones." I make a disturbed face and shake my head at Lilly she blushes bright red and opens her mouth to say something but closes it instead. Autumn and I laugh walking into class. In class we were reciting lines from Romeo and Juliette. We had to be in boy girl partners that the professor assigned. I was with someone named Camron. I don't know him but I already know I'm going to hate him, he must be such a douche like who spells Camron without an E like what the hell? It sounds so douche worthy. Ugh and 20 minutes later here comes King Douche stumbling through the door black hair messy under his beanie, fixing his sunglasses clearly he's hung-over. Seriously, way to be inconspicuous who wears their sunglasses inside? Oh right, douches who come to class late hung-over.  I roll my eyes as he walks over to me grabbing his lines in frustration. "Hi" I say annoyed. He shrugs his backpack off his broad shoulders, sits and puts his feet up on the desk. His lip ring shining in the light. He doesn't respond "Well are we going to rehearse these lines or what?" I say rolling my eyes. "Shh" he says putting a finger to his lips "How about we just relax I have a massive headache and im fucking exhausted." He says. I knew it, he is a douche. "Well suck it up sunshine and take some-" he cuts me off saying "Just shut the fuck up! Seriously I have a horrible headache we can rehearse them Monday." He says looking at me. I sigh in frustration extremely pissed off, I take a deep breath trying to calm down. "Please can we just rehearse these lines?" I say politely. He takes his feet off the desk and sits up clearly furious. I roll my eyes again as I say my first line, he says his in an annoyed tone. Ugh, why is he so frustrating? I take a deep breath before I say my line, well at least he's rehearsing with me.

When the professor dismisses us he grabs his bag and rushes out the door. I stand there flustered for a minute then shake my head and catch up to Autumn and Lilly. We walk to Starbucks on our way home and grab some Frappuccino's. When we get home Autumn's phone rings, and she smiles at the screen and hurries to her room. Lilly and I look at eachother and start giggling we then put our bags on the floor and start to cook dinner. We decided on chicken stir fry. I chop some vegetables while Lilly dices the chicken. Lilly is a really good cook. She turned to look at me her wavy dark brown hair swaying with her head. she smiled then turned back to the cooking humming a weird tune I couldn't place. I walked to Autumn's room down the narrow hallway that leads to my room and Lilly's room on the left all with our on bathrooms. I turn and knock on her door "Autumn, dinner's ready" I tell her and walk back to the kitchen and help Lilly set the table. We sit at the table and talk about class and I accidentally mentioned him. Camron. "Zoey seriously he's so cute" Autumn said winking at me "Ya Z, he's pretty hot, stop complaining. At least you don't have my partner, Greg, he nags me on every little thing I do, I would rather have Mr. Hottie King of douches." Lilly said giggling. I looked at both of them in complete shock. "No, What are you guys thinking?" I sputter. "Sure" they said with sarcasm. I just avoided eye contact and let them talk.

I put on a movie I didn't really watch, and fell asleep dreaming of dark hair, broad shoulders and Romeo and Juliet.

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