Out of Bounds

Zoey is starting university in New York with her best friends Lilly and Autumn. They all got scholarships to Juilliard. They have been best friends since grade school. Lilly and Autumn both have had boyfriends since grade 11 and Zoey is still single. Will she find true love in college? Or will she suffer from heartbreak?


10. Chapter 10

Autumn's P.O.V

"What the hell are you doing here?" Lilly asks, Camron shrugs looking like he's about to shit bricks. "I don't fucking know, you said Zoey was fucking hurt and I thought I would come and fucking see if she was ok." Camron spits back. What? "You know what, you-" Lilly starts I can see she is fuming and I know she is already on edge from the whole Zoey thing, just like I am. I interrupt Lilly not wanting to make a scene and right now it should be all about Zoey. "Well if you want you can come in to see Zoey, we are just about to go see her. She's in a coma." I tell him trying to ignore the lump in my throat, Lilly looks at me giving me the what the hell are you doing? look. I look over to her and mouth trust me, she shakes her head and walks over to Jake taking his hand and walking to the elevator. I grab Liam's hand, Camron trails behind us with his hands in his pockets and not bothering to take his hood off, and we all pile into the elevator.

We get to the second floor, all stopping once we reach the room 261. I take a deep breath and walk in.

The first thing I see is Zoey's leg slightly lifted by a sling and casted. Her arm also casted like the doctor said. Lilly and I rush over to either side of the bed, both taking her hand. I push her sweat soaked hair off of her face. I can't hold it in any longer. I lay my head onto the bed and cry, still holding Z's hand. Liam walks over to me draping his arm over my shoulders. I look back up to Zoey trying to control my sobs. I can't tell what is what on Z's face, sweat or tears. Probably both. She flinches often and sometimes shakes a little bit. I feel terrible having to see her like this, I can see she's trying to scream out for help, for someone to stop it, but she can't. I look over at Lilly and know she feels the same way as I do, like complete shit, looking at our best friend being tortured and unable to stop it.

Lilly's P.O.V.

My poor baby girl. I can see and I'm sure everyone else can see how much pain she is in and only Autumn and I know what's happening behind those closed eyes. I cry and sob uncontrollably, my knees failing me and collapsing to ground, never letting go of Z's hand. Jake catching me under the arms, he pulls me up and holds me at the waist. I wish I could stop them but I can't, I fucking can't. I feel like shit and nauseous. It's not like when she has her nightmares. I hear her screaming and run into her room and wake her up, ripping her out of the torture of her nightmares.

In grade seven is when I met Zoey, she lived with her grandma, but her Granada had a brain tumour. So Z was pretty much living on the streets. We became best friends when we were doing this stupid activity in school but we ended up making it fun, and that's how we became friends. She didn't have any friends, not that I did either but I still had someone to hangout with and talk to. But Z she had no one. When her grandmother died she came and lived with me. She woke me and my parents up screaming the first night she stayed over. She told us she was fine, just a bad dream. But it happened every night. My parents were getting slightly angry, I guess. She always apologized and told them she was fine. I eventually got her to tell me when we were in grade 8 about her nightmares and what happened to her. We became friends with Autumn also in grade 8, but Autumn didn't find out about Zoey's nightmares till grade 9. So I was always there to help her get out of her nightmares, but now I sit here and watch her flinch, cry, and watch sweat pour down her face. I can't stop it this time. Can't wake her up. All I can do is wait until she wakes up, and comfort her when she does. Fuck. I run to the small bathroom she has in her room and vomit. Well there goes the breakfast I made this morning. Jake runs in after me pulling my hair back and rubs soothing circles into my back, whispering soothing words. When I have gotten everything out of my stomach I flush the toilet, put my hair into a loose ponytail and rinse my mouth out in the sink.

When I'm all cleaned up I walk back out to the room. Autumn has her arms on Z's bed and has her head laying on them. Liam has one arm wrapped around her shoulders, his head laying on her hair, whispering something inaudible to my ears. Camron has walked over to the chair beside Zoey's bed, head in his hands and hood still on. I take a deep breath, I still can't believe he came here. Why did he even come here?

Jake snakes his arm around my waist and leads me to the other side of Z's bed. I grab her hand, rubbing circles with my thumb. Still silently crying.


It's been three weeks since Z has been in a coma. She hasn't changed at all, she still cries and shakes. It is killing me to see her like this.

Autumn and I alternate staying the night. The nurses say only 2 people can stay the night, and Camron insist on staying every night. I don't know why the fuck he wants to but he does. He doesn't leave Zoey. He has skipped every single class over the three weeks Z has been in the hospital. Every time Autumn and I come to see her after class he is still there. The only time he leaves is to go home change his clothes and probably take a quick shower, all in under an hour. He always has to tell us over and over again, not the in politest way, to not leave her. Like how stupid is he?! She's our best friend we are not going to leave her alone, especially when she could wake up anytime and we defiantly don't want her to wake up and think she's alone. That would make it even worse.

But Camron, I honestly don't understand what he is doing. Sometimes when Autumn and I come unexpectedly he will be holding her hand in both of his and lay his forehead against their knuckles. Or he will be holding her hand and will be kissing her knuckles, or just holding her hand and staring at her sometimes pushing her hair off of her face. Then when he notices us he will lightly place her hand back on the bed than rush out of the way and go back to his rude piss poor attitude. But other times when he knows we are going to be showing up he will already be moved out of the way. Sometimes just looking at Z, other times he's just sitting there on his phone like he doesn't give a shit. It's confusing. One minute he will be holding Zoey's hand like he would do anything for her and the next he's as far away from her and acting like he doesn't give a shit.

Autumn and I just got back from class. We are both holding one of Zoey's hands, Camron is sitting in the chair still. "I have to piss." He stats and walks over to the bathroom. I look up to Autumn mouthing "What the fuck?" Autumn giggles and I shake my head placing it on the bed stifling my laughter as Camron walks back to his chair "What the fuck?" He says and Autumn and I fall into a whole new fit of laughter. "Fuck-" Camron starts to say but we all stop, Everything stops when we see movement in the bed. Zoey slowly pushes her hair off her face letting out a glass shattering shriek. That turns into three different screams and grunts, causing her to twist and squirm. "Fuck, do something!" Camron yells. "I don't know what the fuck to do." I yell back "Why the fuck is she freaking out? Someone go get a fucking doctor or whoever the fuck works here" he yells starting to pace running both hands through his hair. "Go get a nurse Camron" I say just to get him out so I can try and wake Zoey up with Autumn. He lets out an angry sigh then says "Fuck fine, I'm going" and walks out the door.

Autumn grabs Zoey's casted arm so it won't hurt one of us or herself. I quickly tighten the strap that is holding her casted leg. Then I pin her down "Zoey, come on Z. Come back. Let's go baby girl wake up." I say. Camron rushes back in with the doctor and the nurse behind him. "What the fuck?" Camron says. "She is going to wake up, we think she's out of the coma now. She started moving and screaming a lot, compared to how she normally is. Now she's just... Ugh, Dreaming. But we need to wake her up, because.." I trail off trying to choose my words carefully. "Obviously if she was screaming it wasn't a very pleasant dream, and we need to help her." Autumn helps me by finishing my sentence, she always knows the best things to say. Zoey starts screaming again and we all look at her. Her eyes flutter open but then close just as quickly as they opened. "Help" Z croaks. "Zoey" Autumn and I say, her eyes stay close her mouth opens then closes. "Zo" Camron says softly walking up to the bed. We sit in silence for a few minutes waiting for Z to gain the strength to reply. We all don't know what to do, Autumn and I start to silently cry. "Cam" Zoey says breathlessly. "Lilly. Autumn" she says tears rolling down her cheeks. I swallow a sob, letting her out of the pin. Her eyes remain close and we all want to say something else but the machines Zoey's body is connected to start going off and making weird annoying sounds. We are rushed out of the room by the nurse "Your friend has stopped breathing, I will come get you from the waiting room when she is stable again." she says calmly "No what the fuck, I'm not leaving her" Camron shouts trying to push past the nurse, she quickly apologizes and closes the door on Camron. He kicks the door and runs his hands through his hair "fuck!" He yells. "Come on Cam, let's go sit in the waiting area" I say touching his shoulder. He flinches away from me "Don't fucking call me that and don't fucking touch me!" He yells "I'll just fucking wait here and you go fucking wait in the God damn waiting area." Camron yells. I stand there shocked, my blood starting to boil. I take a deep breath. Who the fuck does he think he is? What the fuck is his problem? "Come on Lilly lets go" Autumn grabs my shoulders trying to calm me down. I take a deep breath and watch Camron fall to the floor in front of the door, putting his head in his hands as I allow Autumn to drag me to the waiting room.

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