one direction imagens book #2

Just comment who you want to be with and your name and ill make it come true only now it can be anybody famous or not you name it.


9. Yissel

Its just another normal day and you were spending a day with you friends. It was hot out side and you and your friends are going to get some ice cream. When you get on the line for your ice cream some boy walks up behind you. Your friend taps your shoulder causing you to turn around and look. To your surprise the boy your friend is pointing at has curly brown hair and green eyes.  You blush when he looks up at you and smiles.

All of a sudden your heart i s pounding now as he walks closer to  you. Then you  realize that its because the line moved up. You friend looks at you a little worried and she says, "Yissel are you okay you look kind of pale?" You look at her and smile.  "What yea I'm fine." Your friend shrugs her shoulders and goes up to get her ice cream along with yours. Well you and you and your friend are eating your ice cream you see the same boy walk pass you but this time he has a girl with him.

Your friend looks at you and smiles. "What are you smiling about you?" You say to her. She just looks at you and says, "O nothing, nothing at all." Then she smirks and starts to walk away. Your about to grab her hand and make her tell you what she was smirking about. When again you saw the curly haired boy.

"Hi I'm Harry." The boy said says to you. "Hey aren't you the boy I saw getting ice cream?" He just smiles at you and nodes his head. He looks at you a little shy now and you do the same. Then he slowly reaches fro your hand. You look down to see your hands are intertwined. He looks up at you and says, "You know you have really pretty eyes." You blush but thank him.

*4 weeks later*

4 weeks passed bye since the last time you saw Harry. You lost touch with him after he moved away. One day well your up in you room studying for a test your phone starts to ring. When  you look down you see it's a number that you don' know. You debt with your self weather or not you want to pick up and answer the call. In the end you let your curiosity get the best of you. When you pick up your so shocked bye who is on the other end.


You- "Hi who is this?"

Person- "You don't remember me?

You- "Should I?"

Person- "I'll give you a hint. {You know you have really pretty eyes}"

You- "Omg Harry?!"

Harry- "The one and only"

You- "It's so great  to hear you again. So what do you want?"

Harry- "You too. I just wanted to know if you would like to meat me for a night out on the town?"

You- "I would love to but how are we going to do that?  You moved away remember?"

Harry- "Yea but we just moved back!"

You- "*screaming of joy* Okay that sound like fun!"

Harry- "Okay ill text you where to go to night see you then."

You- "Okay bye"

You hang up the phone and then run to your closet you need to find the perfect thing to wear  for to night. But what? All of a sudden you have the perfect idea in mind.

Later that night you got a text from Harry telling you to go to the park. When you arrive their your mind is blown bye the pick nick he has set up for you.

You see him standing their when you run up to him and tap him on the shoulder. When he turns around yo can't help but laugh when you see this.

After laughing you both sit down and enjoy the meal. At least half way threw the he pulls out a box and say's "Will you be mine for ever?" He hands you a box and smiles. When you open it your breath less.

You look up at harry with tears in your eyes. "Harry this is lovely I love you."

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