one direction imagens book #2

Just comment who you want to be with and your name and ill make it come true only now it can be anybody famous or not you name it.


6. Sneha

Its valentines day and to night is the big dance you've been waiting for. Your hoping that harry the will ask you ask you to dance. Yet every time you bump into harry he just ignores you. Your starting to dought that he is going to ask you out. As you walk to since class you bump into one of your friends. Your friend turns to you and says, "Hey Sneha are you going to the dance tonight. I heard that Harry is going to ask some one to the dance at lunch time." Your sprit is lifted bye the great news.

Now you cant wait for lunch. Your in English class now watching the clock waiting for the bell to ring tell you that its lunch time. When the bell rings your grab your stuff and run out the door. You stop at your locker only getting what you need. Then you rush to the bathroom to make sure that you look good. Now that that's all done its time to head to lunch. When you enter the lunch room the first thing you do is search the crowed for your friends. When you find them go over to their table and sit down.

Then as your eating your lunch your friend hits your arm. You look over at your friend annoyed. "What is it?" Your friend smiles at you and points behind you. When you turn around see Harry standing their smiling at you!!! He gets up form his table and makes his way to you. "Hey Sneha I was just wondering if you do anything to night?" You shake your head unable to talk out of shook and pure joy that he's talking to you.

"Cool so do you want to go to the dance with me?" Having found your  voice you say to him. "Sure sounds like fun." "Cool ill pick you up to night around 7." With that he walks away. You turn your friend and you scream you head off your going on date with Harry Fucking Styles tonight!


*Later that night*

Your at home getting ready for the dance. You only have one hour until Harry comes to get you. You decide to dress up in:



When harry shows up to take you to the dance and lets just say when he sees you it take his breath away. He takes your hand and helps you into the car. The two of you have a blast at the dance. The last song is a slow song so you take Harry out on the dance floor. You lay your head down on his shoulder as the two of you dance together. Towards the end of the song he whisper's in you ear. "Sneha I love you." This was the best night of your life.

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