one direction imagens book #2

Just comment who you want to be with and your name and ill make it come true only now it can be anybody famous or not you name it.


11. May

I was walking home with my friend Josh when a bunch of jerks came running up to us. I went to go and hurt them for being the school bullies but Niall stepped in front of me. "Don't worry about them May its not worth it." I looked up at Josh and shrugged as I started to walk away. That's when I heard them start to call our names. "Hey you two where not done talking to you guys yet."  I just kept walking like Niall told me too only when I turned around to see that Josh was no longer behind me.

Instead now he was lying on the ground getting beat up. I ran over to him to try and save him only a boy with blond hair showed but and saved him. Judging bye how tall he was my guess would be he was a high school(senior). He saved Josh's life and turned to me. He didn't say anything really he just stared at me. "what are you looking at Niall?" I asked him causing him to laugh a bit. I brushed it off and too Josh to make sure he was okay.

I helped Josh up brushing his shirt off and his pants. "Are you okay Josh?" he smiled at me nodding his head. I left josh for a moment and ran to Niall. "Thanks bye the way for helping us." Niall turned around and smiled at me. I stood their not know what to do. That's when he walked back over to me and smashed his lips into mine. I stood their for awhile not knowing what to say or do. "I love you." Was the last thing he whispered in my ear before disappearing for ever.

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