one direction imagens book #2

Just comment who you want to be with and your name and ill make it come true only now it can be anybody famous or not you name it.


5. Elin

You and Harry are going out to the movies for the night. You really like Harry but you cant tell if its a date or if its just to hang out. You reamber him saying that he had a surprise for you after the movie. So then this must be a date. Its the only thing that makes sense. You start to run around the room looking for something nice wear. Then you find it.

You decide to go for something casual well at the same time not being to bland. Now how where you going to do your hair?  As your looking up fast ways to do your hair on the computer you come a cross a picture of Miley and decide that you want to do your hair like that. Not her new hair style but her old one.

Now your all ready for  your "Date" with Harry to night. You have some time to kill now so you just hang out around the house and listen to some music. When about around 7ish your phone goes off fallowed by a knock at the door. You cheek your phone to see Harry sent you a text saying he was here. Then you got up and opened the door to see him smiling at you with flowers in his hands. "Wow Harry their beautiful."

He smiles at you and say's, "Maybe but they'll never be as pretty as you." You start  blush as he takes your hand and leads you to the car. "Lady's first." He says as he opens the door for you allowing you to slid your way into your seat. He climbs into the drivers seat and then off the two of you are.

You look at him and say, "Harry what movie are we going to see?" He looks at you with a gleam in his eyes and say's, "You'll see." Now your eager to know what it is. When you guys arrive at the movies you notice that the movie you guys are going to see is the NOTE BOOK.u start to scream out loud this  is your favorite move of all times.

After the movie its time for his big surprise he has planed for you. You take a deep breath as your turn your head. Just as you turn your head to face him he says. "Elin will you be my girl friend?" He was down on one knee holding up a box with the pretest necklace you had ever seen.

It was a paper air plan necklace just like the one he wore all the time. You were just so in shock by the necklace that he wanted to give you. You start to get teary as you the take the box and looking him in the eyes. You mage to say, "Yes harry I would love to date you." You wrap your arms around him giving him a big hug then you let you go and move you hair to the side as he puts it on you. He looks at you with a big smile on his face and says," It looks great on you." The two of you kiss and enjoy your lovely date night.


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