one direction imagens book #2

Just comment who you want to be with and your name and ill make it come true only now it can be anybody famous or not you name it.


2. Ashly

You are just having another normal day at school. Its now lunch time and you only have two more periods until you go home. You and your friends and talking when Louis walks up to your table. Your friend's all start to laugh at the fact that Louis would even try and approach you. As fare as you know he's the shyest guy in school. You secretly like him thew. Any way he's standing their looking down at the ground.

You stand up and walk towards to him. You say with a sweet understanding voice, "Yes, Louis can I help you?" He quietly says, "I have a question for you Ashly."

"I just wanted to say I love you and I wanted t o know if you would date me?" You stand their shocked at first but you shake your head yes any way. You watch with a smile on your face as he jumps around and yells yes at the top of his lungs.

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