one direction imagens book #2

Just comment who you want to be with and your name and ill make it come true only now it can be anybody famous or not you name it.


12. Alexis

I was in my room thinking to my self. "I have a secret that no one els knows about." I smiled at my self. I heard a knock at my window so I got up and wen to my window. When I looked out side I saw harry flying in the air with his big white wings. That's right Harry is my best friend and he's an angel. "Hey Alexis can I come in?" I nodded my head and let him in. "Sorry for coming in so late I was going to come earlier but I got caught up with other stuff. I'm here now thew what do you want to do tonight?"

I sat down on the bed a smile on my face. "Tell the story about how you found me again Harry. I like that story a lot." He nodded at me and started to tell me about he fell from heaven and was assigned to protect me. I smiled at the end of the story because that's when he says, "Then over time I fell in love with her." He leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I smiled at him. "You'll always be my secret Harry." "And you'll always be my secret Alexis." I smiled at him again.

"Okay enough of the stories lets go for a midnight fly." I grabbed on to his back and he jumped out the window and we started to fly threw the night air. It was so much fun just being in the air with Harry. It was like a dream come true for me. "Alexis I love you." "I love you too Harry."

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